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I got bored. So i decided to create my very own sequel for Life In Ad Libitum. Just in case. Seriously bored. I kinda like skit with random character( Duh, Tales of the World) and OC as well.

Well, i have my own OC. So i don't know. It's from my imagination story not from my own account name. And i don't know what kind of character hair like other games and my OC so i only know character looks like.And also character clothes. I try to figured out before my next new crossover games. I don't know if you like it, it doesn't matter just want to try it out.

Favorite games: Tales of ( just a few of them), Golden Sun and Fire Emblem.

OC character:

Name: Kudo Jack(is the only i know my create name)

Age: 14 or 17 or 20(some other world will change his age)

Weapon: Legendary sword( the blade colour is green and large but not very large just broadsword, has round object or not object like item is from the cross-guards, it doesn't has pommel as well. also doesn't has scabbard.)

Appearance: His hair is golden, both left and right sides are spiky and front of face from both left and right sides had long almost out of his chins. And has golden eyes. ( seriously i don't know what kind of my OC hairstyles. )

Clothes styles: His wearing a school unifoms all black except his T-shirts insides is yellow one. ( More like Kazuki Muto from Busou Renkin.) And has a Guild logo or symbol coming from front left side of his chest, left and right shoulder and at his back is Red shield from a background with a line of yellow from inside and yellow phoenix facing left side and wings up inside Red shield. ( Like from a halo 3 or halo reach that i have a symbol like that.)
And a black shoes.

Later, it his clothes will change it but still using the same uniform except the phoenix mark. It has yellow scraf or whatever you call it attached to both his arms and his waist.

Name: Kudo Misaki, Jack little sister

Age: 13 or 16(same as his brother Jack)

Weapon: None. But she has a support magic to increase strength, speed and more.

Appearance: She has same colour as her brother and same front of face from both left and right sides had almost out of his chins. She has a very short twin ponytail from her back.

Clothes style: Same as her brother for school uniform but different one from all kinds of anime series girls uniform. But she has ribbon at her chest uniform.

Name: Nero, adopted son of Cole.

Age: 18

Weapon: sword, ninja art

Appearance: he has green hair, green eyes. His hair is short but spiky.

Clothes style: wearing yellow scarf around his neck, blond pants, brown shirts, maroon shoes, black jacket.

Name: Cloud, adopted son of Giant. (sorry, that is a name of his.)

Age: 18

Weapon: Requip- Firearms only his handgun or different types. Using a powerful firearms will only be risk his life and his magic.

Appearance: He has green hair and green eyes. Has sideburn and back of his hair hang upward. (like Sasuke from Naruto shippuden)

Clothes style: Brown cloak with yellow lining(like from fairy tail), white pants, azure pants, indigo shoes, black suspenders

Name: Ren atsuka

Age: 18

Weapon: leg for combat

Appearance: Red hair and green eyes. His has only right side is long and his back reach his shoulder

Clothes style: blue long jacket unbuttoned, yellow shirt, cyan pants, wearing leg armor boots reach his knee, both black wristband

Name: Shino Amakusa

Age: 18

Weapon: three-sword style (Zoro sword style from one piece)

Appearance: purple hair with low ponytail that reach his shoulder, blue eyes

Clothes style: wearing shoulder plate on both sides with his purple jacket, underneath his jacket are red shirt, green pants, wearing a yellow bandanna at his left side, black shoes

For i reading Fanfiction, i only like OCxFemale character. Not Yaoi,Yuri,OCxOC,OC(female)xMale character, Original character showXany female character. For example: Pokemon like AshxAny female character, etc. Even OCxpokemon. Gross. There too much fanfiction like that. If anyone who create OCxFemale character, sent a message to me and i'll read it whether or not is the best story. For example: Kamen rider OC with original show they use for Precure female, etc. Also my favorites that i put it maybe mistakes for putting it so i don't care.

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