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Heeeyyyyaaa Fanfiction is my new craze and i CANT STOP reading them!!! (yeah i need to get a life) :/ but im gonna syart writing some instead. I love harry potter and the vampire diaries fanfictions the most and like the hunger games ones bt the storylines can a bit too repetative for me. Im open to any suggestions on fanfics howecer my fav pairings are: Bamon- im sorry to any delena fans but in the books damon cant tell the difference between his lust for elena and his LOVE for bonnie. And in the tv shows they eye fuck each other throughtout the entire thing and smtimes they can be sooooo cute together (go on utube and type in tvd 60s dance). Dramonie Drinny Draluna Bluna Yeah i luuuuuvvveeee draco 3 Scose
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