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Hello, thank you for taking your time to read my bio.

This profile used to be named 'mailaine.' This changed because I'm trans. So let me introduce myself to you as my new self (who is also a lot better at writing and will try to write more).

I am Caswyn.

I sadly will probably not update some of the fics on this profile as they are so old and are in my old style of writing. If you really want me to update a specific fic, please PM me and I will try my best.

Here's that list of info that kinda breaks things down pretty easily:

Age: 23

Interests: TV shows, youtubers, reading, writing, baking, collecting vinyl records, painting

Fav Stuff: Supernatural, Markiplier, Arrow, Teen Wolf (No I don't ship Sterek, there is no basis behind the ship besides Stiles clearly being bi), Smallville, The Flash (Barry Allen is my fave in the DC universe), the MCU, Game of Thrones (only on season 3, please no spoilers), Dan and Phil, Lots of bands (mostly punk, but I like a variety), and lots of other stuff, but you know, the list is long.

Birthday:December 18th

SHIPS: Destiel, Doctor/Rose, Remus/Sirius, HiJack, Tiva, Johnlock, Spirk, Arthur/Gwen, Merthur, Eragon/Arya, Amy/Rory, Olicity, Percabeth, Ladybug/Chat Noir, Inuyasha/Kagome, Clexa, Stucky, Stormpilot, etc.

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