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My Story: The Start

Hey! You're reading the profile of a crazy hoe whose cyberspace name on this amazing website of crazy people obsessed with amazing shows is AngiePowers493! :D This whore is especially obsessed with Criminal Minds and reads a bunch of fan fiction on it, along with a few other miscellaneous things I enjoy to see fan fiction written on, such as iCarly, Big Time Rush, Harry Potter, and One Direction

Now, fan fiction started for me some time after discovering Criminal Minds. You see, the beginning of 2012, I got a tablet that I used for several things, including looking stuff up. Watching the t v guide glide across the screen, I notice a show called Criminal Minds. Now, I'd exposed to murder and horror at a very young age, so it was something I had come to find interesting. Of course seeing a show with those words in it would've intrigued me - understanding something we fear everyday. So, I went flipped the channel and watched a few episodes. After a while, I got so interested that I looked it up and online and found nearly every single episode. The next few months became dedicated to Criminal Minds.

Now, like I had said, I used my tablet to look stuff up, so once I had watched all the available 158 episodes, I started watching marathons and such. I was lookin' some stuff up about Anthrax due to episode 4x24 - Amplification. Thinking I was going to read a forum, I clicked on a fan fiction link. I spent the next several hours reading an extremely long one shot by Eternal Solider. This one shot, Pain In Amplifcation, prompted me to read more and more fan fiction, and ever since, I've read and enjoyed fan fiction.

A few months later, I'm chilling at the water park letting my mind wander to the fan fiction I really wanted to read. By now, I'd read beautiful amazing examples of slash and relationships I never thought I could ship or enjoy. I start to wonder what it'd be like to be on the writing end on all of that, and suddenly all these ideas pop into my mind. I decided then I should start writing, so a few days later - BAM! I'm writing my first fan fic.

Now, I write to any moment that intrigues me in any episode of Criminal Minds or if there's something I wish had gone differently. So far, anything I've written has something to do with an actual storyline to Criminal Minds. I write to let my mind escape and indulge in a different world I wish could exist right here. Can't have everything we want though, so I guess I'll just have to deal. I hope I do well and get better. I've met so great people here, and I hope things can continue this way. Let's just see what life has to throw at me.

What I Write

I generally write to plots of Criminal Minds, adding details to events or things we didn't see or changing things I wish had gone differently. I'll also write to anything that sparks my interest.

Brewing in my head are some fics between Reid and J J and Morgan and an o c. Not entirely sure where I want to go with those yet.

I've published a family fic based on episode 6x04 that I really need to get back to and a story completely centralized about Hotch with his hearing and everything after certain events. These are examples of fics where I basically add extra stuff to the original storyline.

So, yeah! I hope my fics please you, and if they don't, please review so I know what to fix. Or leave a review so I know that you enjoyed it. Just don't leave any flames - we can calmly discuss what I need to fix, can't we?

So, I guess that's it for my awkward profile. I'ma go write now.

Just for the record, a quick disclaimer: I OWN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - NOTHING. The only thing I own is the crazy mind that writes this bullshit, and even then, I'm sure there are demons in there somewhere pulling the reigns.

...I'm so going to Hell. ;:D

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