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First thing you need to know is I read A Lot.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. There's a reason this site is called fanfiction That means if you recognize it I don't own it.

I'm on watt pad as well under same user name and Twisting the Hellmouth as well. However on Deviant Art I am sesdraconis. Checkout my artwork and fanart!

If you’d like me to do fan art for your story pm me. I don’t do MA scenes or human faces with features.

Things you should probably know:

I don't consider the comic books (Season 8) of Buffy or Angel canon.

Book Seven of Harry Potter was too confusing along with the play so anything in the HP universe will go AU.

I did not really connect to the later seasons of Supernatural either, 13 was basically a darker version of season 5. The whole Gabriel arc 2.0 did not happen in my headcanon.

I was not thrilled with the last season of Lucifer either. Too much angstOoc and plot holes. Felt like fan service and not in a good way.

I am not fond of 'spanking-fix-its' you know the stories where ie DawnEstelHarry is behaving badly they get spanked and everything afterwards fixes its self because sometimes kids just need a good spanking! This is a MAJOR pet peeve and I find it almost as annoying as Mary-sues.

Miracle Day in Torchwood did not happen in my 'verse. And Jack and the Face are separate.

Fics that say that they're book-verse but are actually tv/movie-verse annoy me to no end

I CurrentlyStrongly Dislike BBCs Sherlock but I love the books and the fanfiction.

I do however enjoy Peggy-Sues if they are well done.

I am not fond of harem fics.

It drives me up the wall if you mix up canon and cannon. I can understand once or twice in a fic you didn’t catch your autocorrect but really? One is a weapon = cannon an explosive. The other canon is what the author really wrote. Headcanon however is what I/other fans believe to be true but isn't the authors canon.

I don't support any of JK Rowling’s extreme views however I believe that the Fandom community of her stuff has risen above its creator and I have found it to be a positive accepting place. I don’t support JK. I do support the fandom.

Buffy: Despite the calling out of Whedon, I am still a Buffy fan. It breaks my heart that such an amazing show was such a toxic working environment. But I am still a fan because it wasn't just Whedon's show (Yes he's the creator and etc) but it was the actors, artists, writers, other producers, sound team, post productions that made the show what I love. And I support those voices. So what am I going to do? I am going to continue to be a fan of Buffy. Because something beautiful was created. And to deny it I feel like invalidates the actors/artists who created something wonderful, and gives more power to the negativity.

In Harry Potter fandom messing up Kreacher’s name such as Kreature Krecher, Creature Creacher etc. Look I get that some of y’all may of only seen the films but do a little research first ‘k? Doesn’t take long.

I find HP/LV, HP/SB, GW/SB HP/SS romantic pairs squicky.

Also the canon pairing of TonksLupin it was too rushed and forced in my opinion. I currently enjoy in the HP universe the pairings of HG/BZ HG/DM HP/TN HG/TN HP/DM LL/DM LL/GW

I don’t like it if you change the characters so much that it is basically an OC with the same name kind. Write an OC don’t force it. An example of this is when the canon character is changed into an OC just for your belief in “tru luvv” but in no way resembles the original character.

I do enjoy self-inserts if done well with common sense.

There are exceptions to just about every rule mentioned above if the story is well written.

Current News/Stories:

As soon as I get these beta'ed they will be up I'll try to update as often as possible but we'll see.

Keys of Harmony Series: This is a multi-fandom series I've been working on mainly a Doctor Who Buffy base. Five keys to make up the eye of harmony five keys with endless possibilities. Dawn's not the only one... Update: Started a spin-off thats coming along very slowly Crossover with the Wishcraft series. I am not very good at writing mysteries at all. Newer update: On hold Newest Update: Have a name for my main character and a bit of backstory!

Another Oc in Harry Potter: Playing around with my favorite Harry Potter characters. Snape's not all bad. The house-elves have their own prophecy. Centaurs have a sense of humour. The story does not include Harry as a main character but he is there. No romance pairings for main characters. 7th book goes AU. This one should be up very soon! Update as of February : found a beta! Will be up in some form by march April May I hope! Just fine tuning! Just waiting on the characters to behave delayed until then! 2021 update still working on it.

HalfBlood Welcome Current as of 2021. Maui comes to Camp Halfblood. Written late at night. Probably a one shot.

Other Keys LOTR/BTVS. Thought I'd already posted this. Definitely a one shot. Dawn and Olorin have a discussion.

My community is Solutions. It's Harry Potter Post-War about how the ministry of magic 'tries' to rebuild society. If you have a quality story (good grammar, spelling, intriguing narrative) or know of such a story, PM me and I'll take a look and add it. Please limit OCs and no Mary-Sues. Avoid Cliches if possible. I'll only add Marriage-law fics if they are Really Good and have an interesting Twist!

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