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Hello everyone!

Welcome! I am back! After so many years of not uploading, I came back!

First things first, I am PurpleRock, that's my go to name on many sites! I am an avid reader, whether its book form, or even fanfiction form, as long as I read something I am happy.

Where have I been:

These last 8 years have been crazy. I started working full time, which caused my to fall back on school ours. So I had to focus on getting through college. Even moving out of town to complete my college degree! So I've been focusing on my health, career, and what not.

For those who were here when I first started, thank you for being there. I've read some of your comments over the years and some asked if my Advanceshipping story will ever be updated. Well the answer is quite simple: No. It was an idea I had, unfortunately I didn't plan the story out, given it was my first try. I refuse to delete it though. Because it is a reminder of something that I started.

Plus, I am not very active in the Pokemon fandom anymore. So why finish a story if I'm no longer interested anymore. I do tend to still read some Advanceshipping just for the nostalgia.

What am I doing now:

Now, I am more involved in both the Tangled and Anastasia fandoms!

I am writing Tangled content as well as some Anastasia. I have so many ideas for both and I'm so excited to start writing them soon! So join me into this new journey!

Where to find me:

I am on tumblr @/PurpleRock11 twitter @/Purplesworks and on AO3 @/PurpleReine I do have some stories already published on AO3, and I figured why not share them on fanfiction as well!

Until next time,


Just a random Note for my Tangled stories in regarding Rapunzel and her hair:

I dont really describe her hair much. I want the reader to picture it in their own way. For me though, the longest her hair will ever be is waist/butt length. ((Unless I'm actually doing a fic within the Tangled Universe then its the 70 ft blonde or short brunette hair)) And that is another thing. I will never say the hair is blonde or brunette that is for the reader choosing.

As I said, the longest length is her waist/butt length, and that would be either blonde or brunette. If her hair is this long and blonde, this is the only time her hair will be blonde. If her hair is shorter than its brunette. And I'm not just talking about the pixie cut either.

I guess long story short: Her hair is mostly brunette, unless if its long then its either brunette or blonde lol

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