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Stuff You Need to Know About Me in a Q and A Format

What is up with your name? It's just true. I could not think of a good name. I tried. I really did, but I suck at it. Just call me No Name if you want to address me.

Why are you here? I've never been big on fan fics, but I enjoy writing. I decided that writing on this site would give me an accurate representation of my writing abilities, as many users tend to post reviews on others' stories. So, please give me your thoughts on my work! Praise is always enjoyed ( ;D ), but constructive criticism is also welcome, and even requested. However, I do hope that no one takes it too far. If you just absolutely hate my work, then please don't write me two paragraphs explaining why. I'm just here to improve my form and to have fun!

Okay... so, what are you going to write about? I'm a Pokemon nerd. That isn't to say that I won't write about other things eventually, but right now it's looking like I'm only writing Pokemon. The safest place for me to write about Pokemon is in the future, as the anime, manga, and even the games all follow a chronological order. There is very little room for me to write about our previously established characters in the present. For example, let's say I want to write about Ash. Ash's journeys, as chronicled in the pokemon anime, are bound very close together with little room for me to write in a huge serial adventure that you are supposed to believe took place between two journeys. However, if I write about... say a 20 year old Ash, this situation resolves itself. In a similar manner, suspension of disbelief that an OC I create went on a great journey involving legendaries, evil organizations, and the like, while Red or someone was doing the EXACT SAME THING a few regions away is difficult. So, I think I'm leaning toward Future Pokemon Fics, as weird as it may sound. Again, though, this is just a general guideline and may occasionally be ignored. For instance, my first fic I have planned takes place near present pokemon canon.

That seems a bit... limited... It's just a general guideline, and that wasn't a question.

Wait. Which Pokemon canon do you follow? The Pokemon game series (I'm addicted, but I will admit I like the Mario series better. Sorry.), the Pokemon anime (I prefer the original series, but if I catch the newer stuff, I will generally watch it for nostalgia at least), and Pokemon Adventures/Special (What can I say? It's fun. My favorite character is Red, but I welcome all colors!)

The anime sucks. Hey, man, back in the 90's that show was DA BOMB! It taught me valuable lessons, helped me connect with friends, introduced me to the Pokemon franchise, and it composed a decent percentage of my childhood. I'll admit that it's gone downhill over the years, but many of my fics will probably deal with the anime, so you might not like my work. Feel free to read them anyway, but don't spam me with "The anime sucks!" Also, this was not a question.

Will you battle me? Sure. Just PM me. We'll exchange the info we need.

Why do you barely have any fan fictions in your "Favorite Stories" list? Well, I know I am on a fan fiction website, but I actually don't read fan fictions that often! XD I am mostly here to write. That isn't to say that I won't occasionally peak through the archives, but honestly, most fan fictions are pretty... odd (to put it nicely). If you know of (or have written) a fan fiction that you think I would like, let me know. I'll do my best to read it in my spare time and even review it if you like. Who knows? It might make it to my "Favorite Stories" some day too.

Can I borrow $5? no.

Hey! You wanna try to make one story of each genre?! That's... actually not a bad idea. I think I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

You're Welcome. That's not a question!!

Of My Stories and Their Connection to Canon:

It should be noted that all of my fics take place in the same timeline unless otherwise stated. They are all canon in their own right. This means that when reading one fic you may find occasional nods to my previous stories or even foreshadowing to upcoming stories. All characters maintain their memories of the previous stories unless a backwards time jump takes effect or a memory is erased in story.

Current Fics:

Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter- When a battle for Giratina does not go as planned, Red, Blue, Green, and Giovanni end up in Ash Ketchum's world. A crisis soon results from the dimensional travel, and the dex holders must work together with Ash and his friends to save their homes. But, can the very different heroes even put aside their differences long enough to pose a threat? This is my first ever fanfiction, and it has received more praise and critical acclaim than I could have ever hoped for. I sincerely thank all of my readers for that. I decided that the best way to introduce a writer who will be writing Pokemon anime and manga fics would be to write a crossover between the two. So far, so good!

Upcoming Fics:

Dex Holders Unite!- My take on what it might look like to have an anime made about the "Pokemon Adventures" characters. This story will not follow any of the adventures that are already chronicled in the manga, but it will instead focus on a more episodic format of what kind of adventures the world saving trainers might face after their main journeys have ended. Each episode will be its own original new story with a larger story connecting some of them. (Writing completed for episodes 1-3. Scheduled to start releasing after AshGray's completion.)

Of Fire and Ashes- When a mysterious villain manages to shake up the G-Men, legendary Pokemon are found dead. Those on his trail are outmatched until one agent seeks help from the only trainer who has encountered every possible target the mastermind could have: Ash Ketchum. As the mystery continues to unravel and Ash's connection with the crisis is revealed, everyone must deal with the implications. (Outline written. Original characters developed. To be released sometime after AshGray's completion.)

The Best- Red has trained for years. He has overcome many obstacles and has faced numerous challenges. If anyone has the right to be called the best in the world, surely it is he. To most people that means a lot, but not to me. I laugh at the notion. The best in "the world?" What does it matter? If one is the best of the dirt, are they not still dirt? I bend time. I warp reality. Red and his world are but a small flame that I may blow out whenever I choose. Let us see how the best fairs against one that he cannot even comprehend. (Fully developed. Not written. To be released as part of a semi-series after padding.)

Although I like stories to be my own idea, feel free to send me suggestions of how to improve my story or what other stories I might write. I appreciate anyone who is just trying to help.

Original Characters (SPOILER ALERT):

The following is a brief list of every character that I have written into existence by myself, complete with a short bio. The list is small, but may grow substantially in the future, depending on what direction I choose to take my stories. You may use the list as a reference of who has actually appeared in official Pokemon canon and who has not, or you may simply use it to re-brief you on the details regarding each person.

Major Characters:

Hatalom Halal-

Appears in: The Problem with Evil

Universe: "Pokemon Adventures" Manga

Bio: Hatalom Halal is a very experienced sorcerer of unknown age and background. He is captivated by questions and knowledge so much so that he calls himself a knowledge seeker, continually traveling the earth and perfecting his arts of magic and witchcraft in order to learn everything he possibly can. He began this quest for knowledge in his youth when he first discovered he had psychic powers and deduced that he could use them to uncover more information about the world. He acquired many books throughout his journeys, even writing a few himself. His desire for knowledge is clearly evidenced by the fact that books are quite nearly the only thing he owns. Hatalom is open about his evil nature, seeing nothing wrong with the philosophy. He often refers to the labels of "good" and "evil" as "semantics" or "jargon", and he ultimately sees no point in them. He claims that adopting an evil nature is helpful and nearly even essential to fulfilling his quest for knowledge, as dark magic is more powerful than light magic, aggressive actions speak louder than kind actions, etc. He only fends for himself, as he only cares about himself and likes it that way, seeing it as helpful in surviving and gaining more knowledge. Hatalom has even mentioned that he was considering world domination as a means to learn more, stating "If I'm going to gain all the knowledge in the world, it would certainly help to have people cooperating with me." Despite all of this, the sorcerer's ultimate goal, to learn literally everything, was recently put on hold, as he realized that he was getting too old and would die soon. Obsessed with his lust for knowledge, Hatalom created a spell that would suspend his death indefinitely, but it required him to corrupt a young hero's soul with darkness. He chose Red to be his victim (Chapter 1).


Appears in: The Scar

Universe: Pokemon anime

Bio: Kyto is the brother of a powerful Pokemon trainer named Karo, who he is very close to. The brothers grew up in poverty without parents and struggled to survive early on in life. They both eventually became good enough at Pokemon training to make a professional career out of it, and they spent many years of their lives struggling to rise the ranks and become the best at what they do. Karo managed to become champion of the Hoenn League, but he found himself outclassed when the Champions League came around, and Kyto attempted to win the league for his brother by sabotaging his opponents. His plan was foiled by Ash, Misty, Gary, and Dawn during the events of The Scar. Though not dangerous by nature, Kyto feels entitled to better things in life because of the struggles that he went through when he was younger. He will do nearly anything for his brother and Pokemon battling. After all, they are the only things he has ever known.

Minor Characters:

Eric Coleman-

Appears in: Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter

Universe: "Pokemon Adventures" Manga

Bio: Eric Coleman is just an ordinary Team Rocket grunt who happened to be the owner of the pokeball that eventually captured Giratina during Team Rocket's massive raid of Turnback Cave (round 1). Although normally a mere coward, using Giratina as a bargaining chip allowed Eric to gain a decent amount of respect from his organization, even to a point that he assumed the other rockets would make him leader during Giovanni's absence (round 4). Lance later managed to steal the legendary beast from Eric via a surprise dragonite attack (round 4), and the rocket was severely punished for his incompetence (round 7).


Appears in: Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter

Universe: "Pokemon Adventures" Manga

Bio: Booker is the codename for an officer of the International Police. Unlike Looker, he is not a field agent, but his expertise instead revolves around protecting and maintaining the secret prison underneath Trainer Tower. Booker apparently has some amount of history and friendship with Platinum. The two assumedly met shortly after the events of Pokemon Adventures: Platinum Chapter, when Looker took Charon into custody. Booker is a very efficient worker, and he tries to keep things as professional as possible. Maintaining a secure prison is his number one priority.


Appears in: Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter

Universe: "Pokemon Adventures" Manga

Bio: Thinker is the codename for a criminal psychologist of the International Police. She is a brilliant observer, and she typically researches and diagnoses some of the organization's most notorious prisoners. She is very thorough in her work, and when visitors or even other agents come to talk with the prisoners, she tries to keep a close eye on both parties to prevent anything unexpected from happening. She is very strict with her rules on interacting with the inmates.


You know pokemon in the anime do have levels, right? First off, you are missing the point of that plot device. The idea can really be phrased better as "Pokemon in the anime are different than pokemon in the manga and games." which is true for the most part. I listed a good number of examples in my AN of round 5 of Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter. Go check them out there. Pokemon in the anime just seem to be stronger overall. Secondly, I explained the rare mention of levels in the anime by having Ash mention that they are used in training schools as a way of classifying pokemon strength, but they are not used in professional pokemon science (did I really just type that?) like they are in the games and manga.

Who is your favorite pokemon? I'm unoriginal. So, I choose Pikachu.

Ash or Red? I don't like to compare the two, because I feel it has started too many flame wars, but I think I like Red a little bit better. Especially these days, when Ash has no real character. Sorry Ash fans. :(

Anime or Manga? Depends. Which round/season are we talking about?

Are you a Luckyshipper, Specialshipper, or Mangapokeshipper? Come on, man, you can't choose all of them. Personally, I like Luckyshipping the best, but I honestly feel like Specialshipping has a bit more canon to it. I mean, the writers ultimately decide who the characters they write about are. If Mr. Kusaka says Red and Yellow like each other, there is not really any arguing with it, regardless of hints and evidence. The same is my opinion on Pokeshipping. THE WRITERS confirmed it! What are you going to do about it? I would have to allow the same results if the writers suddenly said that Green and Giovanni were in a relationship. The hints don't matter at that point. Abandon Ship!

I just got back from round 5 of Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter. I now hate you, despite the logic you gave, the fact you were making a plot point, and the fact that Ash and Red are both fictional characters in a fictional world that never touches our reality in anything other than a few card games, video games, manga, and television shows. Please go away. Also, that was not a question.

Battle me? See above Q and A.

I have an idea for a fic/chapter/collab! Wanna hear it? Sure. PM me, and we can discuss it a bit. I'm not promising anything, but I never knock something until I consider it.

What was your first Pokemon game? Yellow version

How were you introduced to Pokemon? My brother got into it before me. I thought it was stupid until I sat down and watched an episode with him. The first pokemon episode I ever saw was Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon, and I have loved the series ever since. I got Yellow Version soon after and started collecting cards and manga soon after that.

Did you copy your idea for "Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter" from PokeRescue18's "Crisis on Two Pokeworlds?" Not even a little bit. In fact, I did not even know that PokeRescue18's fanfiction existed until he contacted me about my fic. You'll find that both of our fics are very different, and if you don't like mine but still like the idea of a manga/anime crossover, I recommend checking his out. Maybe you'll like his better.

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