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Archive of Our Own Link: (same username)

archiveofourown (.) org (/) users (/) cywscross (/) pseuds (/) cywscross

Fictionpress Link: (same username)

- Only one fic here, and it's a plot I've taken over from cywsaphyre. Prologue is the only thing that's up right now, which is mostly written by her; I just corrected some spelling mistakes and changed a few names. Everything after will be mine.

Tumblr Link: (same username)

Fanart for Me: cywscross (.) tumblr (.) com (/) post (/) 147304324595 (/) i-probably-shouldve-done-this-a-while-ago-back


Haven - German Translation by YA190L - /s/52ea584600038eb91e47bd7b/1/Haven

C'est La Vie - French Translation by SukiTaemin -

On Life, On Death, On Everything In-Between - French Translation by An author alone in the dark -

Swinging Pendulum - French Translation by An author alone in the dark -

Ghost - Polish Translation by Gizmolog -

Time Jump - French Translation by Mai96 -

Don't Forget to Breathe - Russian Translation by Sulamen - 1), 2) archiveofourown (.) org (/) works (/) 7915783 (/) chapters (/) 18087214

Please do not plagiarize my fics. Nor are they up for adoption. If you want to use an idea (NOT any of the plot), you can PM me first and I will decide.

Fics are posted over on AO3. A handful that used to be on ffnet I haven't posted there yet but will eventually.

For reasons why I've taken down my fics from ffnet, refer to here - cywscross (.) tumblr (.) com (/) post (/) 150228175435 (/) psa

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