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Challenges: These are ideas I have but lack the capacity to write, and as such I'm putting them out there for anyone to use

General Rules:

you decide the pairing whether its incest, harem, or yaoi/yuri

Naruto must be smart

no excessive bashing

No immediate Over Powered Naruto or God Like Naruto

other than this its up to you how the story plays

Idea 1. Mikoto gives birth to fraternal twins. one is Itachi/femItachi, son/daughter of Fugaku Uchiha, and the other is Naruto,the illegitimate son of Minato Namikaze(who is an orphaned son of a Kurama clan member). see how the world reacts to a ninja of his caliber.

Idea 2. Rosario Vampire/Highschool DxD. Kurumu Kurono has a brother, Naruto, usually thats no big deal but he is the only known Incubus in existence and has a lot of people that want him.

Idea 3. Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Naruto/Naruko is the demigod child of Inari, the Japanese Shinto Goddess of rice,foxes, and mischief(not really but for this story she will be), and his mother has sent him off to Yancy Academy to help a certain demigod with future endeavors as a representative of the Shinto Gods & Goddesses.

Idea 4. Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Naruto is the son of Hestia and Madara Uchiha born in the Elemental Nations, but he was born without chakra, as his mother's Godly blood override some parts blood of Madara's but due to uniqueness of the elemental nations genetics, which causes their people to be born with superior muscles, reflexes, intellect, and kekkei genkai, it enhanced and mutated Naruto's Godly blood. causing Naruto to have godly power over fire due to the Uchiha's blaze release kekkei genkai and a smaller power over lava.

Idea 5. Percy Jackson & the Olympians. The Shinto Gods and Goddesses have lived for a very long time, so they decide to spilt themselves into two beings when ever they wanted, one half would continue its role as God/Goddes while the other half would reincarnate into to a human every once and a while. Although in order to keeps the human world in balance their Godly powers would be sealed away from their human selfs. Two Gods unknowingly married each other as humans and 9 months later Naruto is born. Naruto is the son of two Gods, but due to them being in their human form isn't totally a God himself but a demigod(not the kind born form a union of a God and a Human).

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