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Currently the superego of the This Bites! writing team. I'm the reason you good readers aren't drowning in ellipses and adverbs.

The Commission

The Commission is officially cancelled. Please do not ask to adopt it.

Things Involving Shipgirls That Are No Longer Allowed

Here to detail the absolute insanity that are the world's shipgirl fleets. What, you thought the Japanese had a monopoly on crazy? Think again!

Inspired by a thread on Spacebattles that was originally just a rules list until I actually started writing up backstory for some of them. Sheo Darren also contributes, and I will occasionally post his snippets here, too.

Updates daily at around 10 PM PST. If I do miss an update, don't worry, so far I've managed to get them up the next morning.

Also, please do not PM me about new shipgirls. I happen to be in one of the more active centers of the English-speaking Kancolle fandom; I know before you PM me.

Rule #1 of writing fiction, especially fanfiction: a good idea is worth stealing.

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