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Hi! I'm Beth626. I love to read, n im slowly writing my own fanfics, so when i do start uploading try to take it easy on me, im far from a professional. a bit of a heads up...they will more than likely contain all sorts of types of lemons n mature language cuz I'm all about realism.

I'm a True Blood fan, I never read the books cuz I heard Sookie's idiocy was worse, Sookie in the tv show was such a hypocrite n dumb ass...why she never follows her heart n just listens what other people dictate to her is beyond me...she goes on n on about how she is her own person n doesn't want to be a kept woman n wants to be normal...she is not her own person cuz she lets others(townfolk n her gran) dictate her about how she should live...I agree she should not be a kept woman but there is nothing wrong with letting someone take care of you along as you help to contribute to the relationship(ie her telepathy, running the household)...she needs to recognize that she is NOT normal n accept it, how someone hasn't slapped her upside her head yet I will never know...she needs an in your face intervention...sry about the rant but her personality just ticks me off to no end...that is why I love fanfiction cuz you can correct the authors/show writers mistakes.

love me some twilight also...anything bella/paul, bella/japer, n some bella/Jacob...love paul cuz he is so badass, jasper cuz his past as the major is awesome n badass, Jacob when he toughens up...me personally I think Edward is a loser, panzy assed, n too brooding n too controlling. he seriously to needs to get over himself. And Bella really needed to grow a spine.

I absolutely love Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter is an evil genius. I am NOT Tara fan. She couldn't accept Jax for who he is, she only liked the idea of reforming a bad guy. And when she couldn't change him to how she wanted she tried to bail in the most horrible of ways. I'm on the fence about Jax. I think he's spoiled, weak n couldn't think for himself. He let John from the grave n Gemma get in his head. Don't get me wrong he did have his moments where handled his business. But he really needed to cut the umbilical cord that was obviously still attached to Gemma. Gemma really forgot her place in the hierarchy so many times n everyone enabled her cuz they never corrected her. But my fave character is HAPPY! There's not a lot of background info on him so it's basically a blank slate. And he is a total badass n a true biker. He handled his business like a real man. And David Labrava is HOTT! I would so be a croweater just for him.

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