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Hello reading and writing fans,

I have spent the past thirty plus years of my life writing. I started with poetry and worked my way up to fanfiction, which is absolutely my favorite. I love the genre and have been writing in it for approximately ten years. I started with a notebook, a pencil and my best friend, Z, who actually christened me with the name Sam for the RPG campaign I was running at the time. We were 14. I wrote one offs for MacGyver, Simon and Simon and had a an RPG campaign for TJ Hooker for several years and ST: TNG that lasted nearly four years.

As an adult, I published a little known Star Trek Voyager fluff piece (good luck finding it), then moved on to do a couple of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues stories and finally wrote many different stories for The Sentinel, hence my nod to Sir Richard Burton in Surviving the Fall. (Those stories are at Wolfpup's Den, which you'll have to google. I am trying to get everything here under one roof, but it takes time and I have commitments.

Alright, I've been asked and decided to lay it all out there. Keep in mind these are some of the first pieces I wrote. The first few can be found here at fanfiction.net if you search for writer Sam7. These stories I have been unable to move to this page, but we'll see.

I have loved them all. Character studies are one of my favorite aspects of writing. How will this established character that so many people adore handle the situations that are brought before him. The Sherlock/Watson dynamic is just riddled with all sorts of juicy bits to be written about.

I am constantly amazed by the character growth of Sam and Dean Winchester as well. They are complex, dynamic characters whose story fascinates me. Hence, the decision to begin writing in this fandom. I wanted to start at the beginning of their story and see where the muse takes me. Hope you all enjoy it!

I respect all efforts at writing because it is very difficult to put so much of yourself out there for all to see. Be forewarned: The Sherlock stories that I write will be Gen as opposed to Slash because I cannot possibly wrap my head around the complexities of their relationship existing in any other way. They are stronger than brothers, two parts of an identity that has transcended time for over a hundred years and cannot be killed (although Doyle did try). As for any allusions to Slash relationships in Supernatural, they actually are brothers and I don't see any of the characters in that light.

NOTE: I create my own 'verse as I write more stories. I will usually tell you where they fall in the 'verse. You do not need to read them in that order, it just helps the reader have the appropriate background for the current story that they are reading. If you're not sure, feel free to PM me and I'll let you know.

I will take requests for stories, but will only write them if the muse moves me.

The muse: I call her Z, is my best friend and beta of over 30 years. She is my conductor of light and one of the most incredible women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She motivates and moves me. We are Sherlock and Watson interchangeably and the friendship that we have forged has lasted for the first half of our lives. I look forward to the rest and am thankful everyday that she knows my methods and only helps my writing to be even better than I ever thought it could be. Like Watson to Sherlock, I find her to be amazing and extraordinary and she keeps life interesting. She's a teacher, deservedly so, because of all the people in my life, no one has taught me more. Love you, sweetie, now and always.

I am extremely thankful to fanfiction.net for giving my stories a wonderful home.

Special Thanks to the Readers: I also want to say thank you to all of you who have been reading my fanfiction and sending me the loveliest emails. I will respond to every review and am grateful for all of the kind words that you've all sent me. You are a phenomenal force for awesome in the universe.

This site will now house Sherlock, Sentinel and Supernatural.

If you are looking for the Sherlock Timeline, it is listed under a story name below.

Yours in writing,


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