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I haven't been updating in a while... yeah.

Blame Kpop.

Seriously, I love that sh*t.

And blame school, which I unfortunately have to tolerate.

Anyway, to anyone reading this update, you probably want info about my progress on the rewrites.

Well... needless to say, it's difficult because I wrote them as a preteen and coming back as almost an adult is both extremely embarrassing and jarring. Seriously, it's mortifying, and I'm sure a lot of other authors on this site would be able to relate. In any case, there's going to be a complete rehaul for my stories, which is going to take a while. And I mean, a while, because I pretty restructured the entire plot, original characters, and basically everything. The basic premise is the same though, rest assured.

Also, as much as I would like to start a few new fics, I have a duty to finish the others I have already started so... yeah.

Yu-Gi-Oh! FFs

Songs of Aurelia Series

Honestly, this series was supposed to span over the original series to GX to 5D's and I have the main characters planned for each of them, but I'm still not done with the first one. Anyway, there's a lot of work to be done with it, and fans from long ago may not recognize it after I'm through shredding my current "canon" so to speak. In fact, I'm even changing the original title of the first addition to the series. Here are the stories that will fall under this series.

Songs of Aurelia: The Millennium Crown

The first story of the series will no longer be called "The Millennium Mirror" but rather "The Millennium Crown" because, yes, I have changed the protagonist's item. And also, it is NOT an eighth (or ninth because of the Dark Side of Dimensions) Millennium Item. In fact, it's not a Millennium Item at all, or at least the way the other items are. Other changes I made are the protagonist's name, her relations, her backstory, etc. I'm sure that people wouldn't want to read a carbon copy of the original series with OCs added that don't really contribute much to the plot in a creative way. This time, though, it'll be more OC-centric, and she won't be so one-dimensional. So, here's the new summary:

"Aira Kamiya, I hereby invite the Queen of Duel Monsters to Duelist Kingdom on my very own Illusion Island. I happened to also invite a certain someone by the name of Yugi Muto, should that sound familiar to you. Signed, Maximillion Pegasus." After her triumph in the first ever Duel Monsters Queen Tournament, Aira Kamiya was crowned the Queen, but this crown proves to be a life-altering weight on her head, especially with an additional soul trying to communicate with her and the fate of the world resting in the love of her life's hands.

Yep, I changed her name to Aira Kamiya, which is similar but different to the original. The mirror is changed to a crown which is still being inhabited by Aurelia, whose name won't change for obvious reasons. Let's see, some other changes are... the start of the story will drop right into the Duelist Kingdom arc and I'll be redoing the way song lyrics are incorporated so that it won't break the immersion. I've also changed Aira's deck, which is now fit with a lot of custom cards and now has a theme which will be reoccuring with my YGO OCs.

Prince of Tennis / Tennis-no-Oujisama FFs

Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice

So, Kikumaru Aiji will always have a special place in my heart, and her story a mortifying piece of my dark history. Yeah, she isn't safe from the revamp either. There are some things I will keep the same, like her personality for one because that's the driving point of the story. However, the concept of Puchi Hime (Petite Princesses) are going to be revamped. I'll tell you right now, they won't exist anymore, at least not like you've known them. I'm throwing out the cringey games and making it all tennis! And, yeah, that's all the spoilers I'm willing to give because the rest will somewhat follow canon. Hmm, what? The pairing? Well, that's up for the readers to decide now! Heck, you can even suggest people from other schools (Rikkaidai, Hyotei, Shitenhoji, etc). Actually, now that I think about it, I do have my favorites for Aiji... you know what, I think the pairing will be someone from another school. My other fic for this fandom covers most of Seigaku, so let's give the others some love for once. Let the tennis and shipping games begin!

The Labyrinth Court Revamped

I actually don't have a new name for it yet, but this fic is the one that's most revamped out of the three listed here. So, first I'll point out some things that stayed the same. This is a Seigaku's Girls Tennis Team story, yes, and many of the girls are still relatively the same... sort of. It's hard to explain, but let's just say I've revamped their backstories, tennis moves, some of their appearances even, and well... even their pairings because I found it more suitable. Oh, and the biggest change is... this will take place in high school, specifically the high school division of Seigaku (which may or may not have existed, but it does now for the purposes of this fic). So, the plot of the series has already come and gone and now they're all in high school, so what happens? Well, each girl has her own character arc, some overlapping and whatnot, and well, I'm sure some rivalries still carry over from middle school. So, pretty much everything here will be all up to me, which is why it's going through the most changes. For those interested enough to come and read this, I'm giving out a special spoiler. I'm going to include an arc like the game Doubles no Oujisama! It won't come into play until later though, probably after the Kanto Tournament.

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