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I am a 49 year old male who like harry potter fanfictions, especially the characters read the books/series. I also like various anime fanfictions, as well as various TV fanfictions. These are Macross/Robotech, Ranma 1/2, Battlestar Galactica (the 1979 and 2003). I currently have no stories.

I am getting a little paranoid about "Heart of Aiur II" (aka "Honey the Bee" aka "Delete the Clutter") going after the characters read the books/series fanfic. I do not think that it going stop until after all fanfics have been deleted. All Fanfics have lines, words, phrases, names and descriptions from their source material. "Heart of Aiur II" wants to remove all plagiarized material from the fanfiction.net, this means all stories need to be removed. Someone need to stop this individual, otherwise there will be no fanfiction.net left.

What is happen at FanFiction.Net? I have noticed several stories and authors have been deleted or are leaving the site. Has "Delete the Clutter" became one of the administrators of the site? Only one of the stories, that I was following, was deleted would of violate the site rule of content or even plagiarized material. So what is happening with the administrators? Have they been hacked? Are they smoking wacky weed? I do not know. But if this continues there is going be no FanFiction.Net.

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