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Misleading Potato PM
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I deleted everything for fear that my friends will find my account... but hello! I am Misleading Potato how are you?

Person: i don't like you . you are a stranger! *grabs a fork* mwahahaha! Imma gonna take out your eyeballs!

MP: O.o errmuhglod... What? Noooo! *randomly changes into a ninja suit* You can't take this! I'm too ninja for you!

Person: *Takes out a samurai sword* I'm a samurai! Mwahahaha! Feel my wrath!

dramatic music* and the ninja vs samurai war continues...

[Thank You. I love you.]

That is a note to all the people who have helped develop and edit Murdering the Berry Bush so far. You know who you are :3

cough* RGITB, AFS, MSP, and Super Carrot. Even though Super Carrot has never read this story...

[Ummm. Murdering the Berry Bush is now on hiatus. A new project entered my mind...]

Hey you there! Do you like original fantasy stories? Well, I happen to know an amazing author currently writing one! Go to Mr. Snack Pack on Fictionpress.com and check out his newest and only story: Seven Roses. He, by the way, is the "MSP" person listed above who helped develop my story so far.

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