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I'm a teenager in UK with a massive interest in manga, games and films. what else is there too tell. Ah yes i also have asparagus syndrome so i won't understand every thing.

future projects:

Sailor Moon Eclipse arc: Just as Serena and Darien are about to get married a unknown beast attacks looking for the 'new energy'. just as the sailor scouts are about to fall a man in a black cloak comes and saves them. but who is he? witch side is he on? and what is he looking for?

Warhammer 40k heroic renegades: in the 41st millennium there are many legends and heroes this is just one of them.

Mass effect/ warhammer crossover: A small Elysian drop trooper team finds a small warp anomaly that sends then into a new world. one where aliens and humans are friends and a massive threat comes. (subject to change)

(post) Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood New world: As a British soldier is almost killed he finds himself in central. after a gruelling fire fight with central soldiers he finds himself in Reole. but he soon finds a plot to take over the country that he is in and must find out how to save the country.

Gokai sentai gokai black: as the crew are heading to a rumoured hidden treasure under stone henge they are attacked by empire forces. As their attacker is about to finish them off an unexpected ally arrives wearing black clothing.

Mass effect/ power rangers crossover: no info yet working out some details so just wait.

I'm still ironing out some details so just bare with me OK. and please comment.

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