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Hello minna-san! I am both new and old, you could say: new to having an actual account, but old in that I've been lurking on this site for probably almost three years now. How time flies... My tastes have evolved greatly during that time, as I actually started out reading Twilight fanfiction. Please don't flay me!! I now read (almost; there is the occasional odd yet wonderful crossover) exclusively not-Twilight fanfiction, whatever that may happen to be.

Age: Does anyone really think people are going to put their real ages on here? Just wondering...

Loves: Things that make my heart race, things that elicit powerful emotions, things that make me feel powerful, and... other things that are hiding from me at the moment.

My Public Service Announcement of the Day: Embers, by Vathara. That is all.

(At this point, I am literally only keeping this up as a personal reminder to myself.) :

Now, if you care at all, feel free to enjoy (or not) a short anecdote of how I came to be a total Naruto junky:

My brother and I had started watching anime with Inuyasha, then moved on to Bleach, which was, we were quickly convinced, the best thing EVER. At the time, I tended to (I'm rather ashamed to admit) look down on people who obsessed about Naruto, of all things (THIS WAS ALL THE PAST ME, I SWEAR IT). However, I told my brother that he should probably check it out (he was the one with the Netflix account, you see) just so that we could be sure that it was worthy of disdain. He came back the next day with a strange look on his face, and told me something along the lines of: "We can't hate it anymore, Lizzy." (Oh no, now you know the nickname I despise, too!) My response was something along the lines of: Aww, man!!

Anime I enjoy:



Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mirobito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

... Others

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