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Hey dudes and dudettes! I really like Adventure Time so I tend to talk about it alot. MCR too. Everyone knows that it's Lyn-Z and Jamia together and Frerard! Oh and Rikey! It has to be! So um yeah. Here are some random things.



Age:1000, like Marshal Lee



Weight:About 110-115

Hair color:Bright red

Eye color:Green



Movie:Vampires Suck

Band:My Chemical Romance,Paramore,Green Day,White Stripes, Black Veil Brides



Book:Twilight(It cracks me up:Vampires are nothing like that!)

Pastime:Eating red and being awsome




FionnaxMarshal Lee

MexMarshal Lee

Mr.PigxTree Trunks

Peppermint ButlerxPB

PGxMarceline(this would never happen;she would chew him up and spit him out wich makes me laugh!)

Flame PrincessxFlame Prince

But most of all I love MexMarshal Lee!!


Adventure Time:

I love this show to peices! I would arry this show if I could. I'm starting a petition if you want to join. Now all of us can say our spouse is Adventure Time! Nuf said.

Robot Chicken:

I love random things and so I love this show. It makes me laugh and gives me a reason to stay up!

The Vampire Diares:

This show has been a great source of entertainment, wich I need despretley because I live in a boring place.(I.E. Not Ooo or Aaa)It has made me stay up in bed thinking of the next episode and wondering about Damon an if Elena will finally get it. Choose him! Everybody knows you want to!

There is alot you don't know about me and I plan to keep it that way. All you need to know is that I'm a radical dame who likes to play games! :-)

Okay so basiclly I want to say all of you are totally Math! Keep writing lots of stories for me!

-The Eternal Awsome,Arriane

1.You have 10 bucks and your at a gas station.What do you buy?Um probably 10 packeges of butterscotch disks.

2.If you were reincarnated as a sea creature, what would you be?A sea slug.

3.Who's your favorite redhead?Me.

4.What do you order when you at IHOP?What?

5.Last book you read?Polly Goes Potty

6.Describe your mood in one word.Bi-curious(My dad made me write that)

7.Last time you were hurt?I cut my hand when I was polishing my knife collection./When Thali hit me over the head just now.

8.Of all your friends, who would you be stuck in a well with?The one that's already in there.

9.Rock concert or symphony?Rock concert.

10.What is your wallpaper?Frank Iero looking oh-so-cute.

11.Favorite soft drink?I don't do soft favorite drink is H2O.(Origional I know)

12.What type of shirt are you wearing?What shirt?

13.Form of transportation?Floating.

14.Most recent film you saw in theartes?Journey to the Mysterious Island.

an actor/actress/singer/cartoon character you have a crush on.DAVE STRIDER!/FRANK IERO!

16.What's your favorite kind of cake?Red velvet cake.

15.What did you have for dinner last night? What dinner?

18.Look at your left, what do you see?Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor.(Thali says she sees Mesophelioma)

you untie your shoes when you take them off?I don't wear shoes.

20.Favorite toy as a child?My babydoll, Baby.

you buy your own groceries?Yes.

you think people talk about you behind your back?I know they do.

23.Favorite fruit?Strawberries.

you have a picture of you doing a cartwheel?No, who does? I don't do cartwheels. I'm too cool for that bullshit.

25.When is the last time you had gummy worms?Last Tuesday.

you like running long distances?No I hate running.

27.Have you ever eaten snow?Yes.

28.What color are your bed sheets?Black.

is your favorite flower?The one that is beautiful but smells like rotten pretty...

you do ballet?No, never have never will.

you listen to classical music?Sometimes when my head hurts.

32.What is the first theme song that pops into your head?Men In Black.

you watch SpongeBob?SpongeBob?

34.What temp. is is outside?How would i know at this very moment?

people consider you smart?Oh um I guess.

many peircings do you have?9 or 10.

37.Are you signed on Aim?What's that?

38.Ever glued your fingers to your hand?Of course.

do you feel about your family?They freak me out.

you have an IPod?No I carry my own music with me.

42.What CD is in your CD player?Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance.

43.What film do you know every line to?Vampires Suck.

44.What is your favorite salad dressing?I-Huh?

45.What do you want for Christmas this year?A Beenie Beard from Epic Meal Time.

46.What family member/friend lives farthest from you?My mother.She's in the Nighosphere.

you like hugs?No. It's a personol space invasion.

48.Last time you had butterflies in your stomach.When I ate that peice of pizza...

49.What's the way people most often mispronounce your name?'s Airi-anne.

you watch college football?What's that?

If you read my earlier comment on how PG and Marceline will never get together...It has happened!Gumballine forever!

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