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("Not at all!" is the correct response)

I've written stuff for Death Note, Sherlock, and Supernatural. Someday, there might be other fandoms on that list, such as Homestuck, or WTNV. Maybe even some inane crossovers with the likes of Doctor Who or Good Omens.

Also, note that I am a Troper, or at least a frequent lurker on TV Tropes, and I will behave as such. Displays of Blatant Tropery ahead.

*Death Note Fanfiction Phrase Hall of Fame*
(in the order that I found the phrases)

"Kinky Chain" from The End Is Near by Tierfal. It refers to the Yotsuba arc handcuffs.

"Poofy Turret" from A Cure for Love by halfpromise. It refers to the Kira Case HQ, and the fact that Light and L are living (and sleeping) together in it.

"Fetish Outfit" from Villains by plannedbyReaperLight. It refers to Mello's usual attire.

More phrases will be added as I get permission.

Know that if you follow, favorite, or review my stories, I will stalk your profile to see what you've written, and what else you've favorited. You might even get a favorite in return, if I like your stuff.


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