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Happy New Year, 2020!

My story is supposed to be the pilot episode of a TV series that is a crossover between Star Wars and Star Trek, so there will be many open ended ideas, themes, and other things that would be explained in following episodes. This story so far is with Star Wars Legends and nothing from The Force Awakens, Rogue One, or The Last Jedi,If you want things explained in this story please review and, or PM me. I will consider your ideas and suggestions when I update the story.

I am from the US. This is my first story so I ask you to be kind in your reviews.
If you want more of this or any other story, please review! The format did not come through when I uploaded my file, so it does not look like it should. I will try to fix this when I have time, though it could be at least a couple of months. You can PM me if you want the story in an incomplete form. PS, I am looking for a beta reader! Send message if you want the job!

I would like to thank the authors on this site, who were an inspiration to me.

Iejasu and Miklinar, and Ragna Katharina (from this website) are the main people I used for inspiration for my story, coming at the material from a fanfic perspective. I also want to say thank you to and give credit to all of the writers, production team, and actors. George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry extra thanks for creating characters and stories that are still being shared and will be shared with future generations!

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