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Star Trek: the next generation, and my favourite pairing of Troi Picard brought me to this site but I have since found many other fandom's and pairings I enjoy reading. I finally joined after lurking and reading the odd story, so I could comment on the ones I really enjoyed, and recieve their updates. To let people know their stories are read. Enjoy reading Picard and Deanna Troi together, but not many people write for them, I can’t bare her with Riker.

My current favourite stories on here to read would be about the original Beverly Hills 90210. Brenda and Dylan are may favourite pairing so love any stories about them the dynamic duo, and can't bear to read about Dylan and the others that took him away from Brenda, especially Kelly. Sad to of heard of Luke’s passing, and that this fandom, never got the on screen closure, it deserved. The stories I read here, give us what the show should have done. Those two iconic characters, are my favourite all time couple and fandom, and that was before fandom was a thing.

I also enjoy reading Harry Potter, pairings I read are HP/HG HG/SB and sometimes HG/DM HG/CW or HG with one of the twins.

Occasionally I also read some x-men stories, and my favourite pairing there is Rogue and Logan.

After many years I have finally got round to be brave enough to write. I posted my first one shot, well it was a one shot, but I got persuaded, to continue it (called cosmic for short). And have three other stories I have now started and are works in progress, and a one shot. I also have a couple of other ideas, half started. That will only get posted, once they have at least 4 chapters in the bag

If you have read my stories thank you, for taking the time to. Please leave a review, it helps motivate me to keep writing!! It’s hard when you put hours and hours of work, and you don’t get reviews. I have other story ideas, but need to be motivated, to put the tine in to develop them, so please keep reviewing.

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