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I also have some Naruto story ideas some common some not if any author or authors wants to hear about them maybe write them please PM me I would enjoy reading them as full stories and getting ideas on how to make them better I will warn authors most of the ideas include harems some rare pairings for Naruto such as him and Tayuya or Queen Sara, as I think Naruto deserves it I hope to hear from other authors about these ideas and if your very active on here I hope to hear from you as I know many stories are left unfinished due to life, writer's block and other things I just want to try to keep these stories once started going as far as I and the other author or authors can or till complete and continue on till they are complete if such is possible with other authors

I am also a supporter of the following pairings if you don't like my pairing choices remember they are fictional characters

Avatar The Last Airbender- Aang X Azula I think with time Aang could have changed Azula for the better she was raised as a personal weapon by her father and betrayed by those closest to her there is still some good in her somewhere Aang could have found it and also for a crack pairing this one is the only one that makes sense for both of them and I think should have become canon and Azula should have and deserved to be redeemed and even find love and since you can't completely cure her lust for power who's better than Aang the Avatar for her to help her redeem herself and give her a better life then she had He's the only one who has the patience and ability to change her for the better only Aang could help her get better if Aang can't help her then she can't be redeemed Aang is the only logical and realistic choice to pair with Azula and same with Aang


Ash X Domino

Ash X Skyla

Ash X Cynthia

Ash X Dawn

Danny Phantom-Danny Fenton X Star

Teen Titans-Robin X Blackfire

Big Bang Theory- Sheldon X Penny

If the CRA was canon and I owned Naruto he would have ended up with Tayuya, Sara, and possibly Samui as his wives even without the CRA with Naruto being the last Uzumaki I still would have him with Tayuya, and Sara

Naruto X Tayuya- in my opinion even without her curse mark she would still be a tough foe and she looks much better without her curse mark markings and in something other than her sound outfit and hat I do think it would have been interesting if in the series she had been rid of her curse mark by Naruto and redeemed by him giving her a better life then serving that snake of a leader she was serving and have them get together and also I assume due to her attitude Tayuya had a bad childhood like Naruto so she can relate somewhat to him I think Naruto and Tayuya would have been a great couple and it would have been great if she had survived been redeemed and claimed Naruto for herself Naruto X Tayuya FTW

Naruto X Samui

Naruto X Sara-Queen Sara if only she was in Naruto's time she probably would have snapped him up for herself and unfortunately very few stories of this pairing exist

Naruto X Shizuka

Naruto X Kin

Naruto x Temari

Naruto X Ino

Naruto X Kurenai

Naruto X Shizune

Naruto X Tsunade

Robin X Blackfire is my favorite because you see in the hints Blackfire gives off in sisters and Mr. Butt from teen titans go that she wants robin for herself

Sisters-Blackfire steals robin to dance with her, practicing fighting moves with him, tries to convince him to stay and talk to her, how she gushes over his cape and gets very close to his face she might have kissed him if Starfire didn't get between them both,

Mr. Butt- when she gets in front of them on the couch the first thing she asks is "Hey Robin you miss me" and also when they try to give her lessons on how to hug she punched both cyborg and beast boy but when robin tried she let him close and let him hug her and then gave him a strangle hug but still a hug

Pairings I support but currently are neutral on

Naruto X Konan

Ash X Serena

Naruto X Anko

Naruto X Sasame

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