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Hey guys! It's AlwaysForJC here! (Like it'd be someone else) ya so a little about me:

Well, I'm a 14 year-old girl. I play lacrosse and softball. I looooove music soooo much!!! I play the saxophone (mostly bari, but the tenor too). I love my electric blanket- it's so warm! I love The Hunger Games. A Lot. I love reading and writing, but I do not like the class Language Arts all that much. At the moment. It depends what we're doing. My phone charger is green. You should go check out these people: OurNightlock ; GabbaGabba99 ; and the libster . The last two write on fictionpress, though. But all three are amazing writers. And please vote on my poll for what kind of Everlark story I should write.

My Favorites

THG Character

FINNICK ODAIR!!!! If you ever want to seriously tick me off just say he died (he did not it was a typo!) Oh, but then there's Peeta, who I must admit, is one not-ugly baker ;)


well there's so many so I'll just say my top two: EVERLARK and FANNIE!!!!


hmmm... I wonder... maybe, just maybe, THe Hunger Games???


Uhmm a lot of songs?

Song on THG soundtrack

Safe and Sound


THE HUNGER GAMES OF COURSE!!!! But October Baby is a close second, it's so good!


green, but not dark or neon, a pastel green... I really like pastel and ocean colors...


"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will." Chuck Palahniuk

What Annoys Me Incredibly

There's probably more than this, but this just is the main one: when people make anorexia jokes. I've had someone close to me diagnosed, you could say, with anorexia, and I am very protective, I guess, of her in a way, and they just tick me off, so yeah, none of that! Smile everyone!

so yeah that's a little bit about me!

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