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I finally got around to putting something on my profile!

It's a familiar story, I'm a 40 something happily married mother of two sons who lives on the south coast of England. For ages friends with teenage daughters kept asking if I had seen or read Twilight, my it's for teenage girls isn't it? That all changed when I, on a whim recorded Twilight when it was on TV and then a few weeks later got around to watching it on an afternoon at home alone! Oh my! Next came the first book, followed by the rest of the series. The thing was, as soon as I finished 'Breaking Dawn' I went straight back to the beginning again with the first book and not just once! An obsession was born. There was just something about these characters that captivated me.

I came across Fanfiction and found I wasn't alone. I have read some amazing stories that have captured my heart and imagination. I thank all the authors who share their stories and thoughts with us!

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