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Heyo to all of you how care enough to view my profile! I'm not an official FanFiction writer but i absolutely love, love, love thinking of fanfic ideas! so if you are looking for help with you FanFictions, i would love to help!!!

Warning! I mainly do KiGo fics, or anything of the lesbian persuasion , but i am open to new things so dont be afraid to ask! X)

in all honesty i suck at articulating, writing, or anything to do with transferring ideas into written form... i know, its stupid but eh so far it hasnt been too bad! i have one FanFiction that a dear friend, Hitotsune-Kozo, is writing for me! THANKS HITO-CHAN!!!! it's a KiGo called "More Than You Seem" and is, in my opinion, The Best KiGo Fanfic Ever! Please R&R "More Than You Seem" it would make me very happy!!!! XD

ATTENTION!!!! i am currently working on my first ever fanfic! It's a teen titan romance, ravenxOC. It's called, Shroud of Darkness 2: Emma. IT IS NOW UP!!! PLEASE R&R!!!! And yes it's is going to be related to Hitotsune-Kozo's Shorud of Darkness 1: sera. Keep an eye out for it!!!

as for personal info, here you go!

Name: call me meggles

Age: I'm 20

gender: female.

Location: ooh this one is easy! USA

sexual orientation: really? i cant see why people would care but for those few who do, gender doesn't make a difference to me. but i if i have a choice then i swing more towards girls. sorry boys!

relationship: single and ready to flamingle ladies!

Appearance: fuckin sexy as hell

favorite pairings: KimxShego, ShegoxDr. Director, KimxElectonique, KimxMonique, pretty much any pairing that doesn't involve drakken or Ron stoppable. for vocaloid its Mikuxluka. for teen titans my favorite pairing is ravenxstarfire.

If you want to know anything else, either PM me or forget about it.

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