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I've had this account for a while now so I thought that I might as well publish a few of my stories. I wont publish until I'm satisfied with the chapter and right now I'm currently working on a crossover fic based on One Piece. Its based around mostly an OC of mine. Ill probably write stories on Harry Potter, Naruto, One Piece, Twilight (I know its not the best book out there but i really like the Bella/Alice pairing), Glee and crossovers between them. (I'm also working on a crossover fic between Glee and Pitch Perfect).

I'm mostly a yuri/femslash shipper with the exception of Harmony (Hermione/Harry).

My ships are (in no particular order) Faberry, Bechloe, Aubeca, Aubrey/Chloe, ABC (Aubrey/Beca/Chloe, Fabranger, Fleurmione, SakuIno, Bella/Alice and Harmony.

I don't really ship anyone in One Piece because I feel a bit weird when there's OCXCanon or CanonXCanon but OCXOC is is an exception. Its cause the original didn't have any original pairings.

So that's about it, I hope if I ever get to publishing and you read it that you enjoy it, if not some constructive criticism will be good too.

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