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Oh well, the quarantine has brought me back here after ages. To think that I made this account back in 2012!



I opened an account here to review stories with a name. I hadn't expected to get a sudden burst of inspiration to start writing my own stories, but then I got some ideas of stories which hadn't been done before. Hence, Of Gods and Monsters came forth.

Not that I had much experience of different writing styles and with writing itself.

I was inspired to write about ships and plots which I loved reading myself. First came the time-travel stories for Harry Potter, then the Chaos/ Betrayal stories for Percy Jackson. Next, the Nico di Angelo/ Sadie Kane pairing. An urge to write led me to create the first version of the first chapter of The Doors of Setne. Months later, with no inspiration to lead me on, I restructured it and published the updated chapter of the same story. However, innumerable plot bunnies destroyed my resolve yet again.

Pathetic, I know.

Today, I've decided to take down The Doors of Setne from this website. Of Gods and Monsters will remain as is for the time being and will be updated whenever I feel like. Don't count on it.

Due to an increase in the complexity of my studies I have been trying to limit my time on this website. I was succeeding too. And then I read a great story which had Harry Potter paired with Daphne Greengrass. I don't even remember my first HPDG story, but I was hooked. Last month I decided to write an HPDG story. I had, and still have, the plot all figured out. When I wrote the first chapter, it took me around six days to type, check and re-check it. I crossed twenty thousand words. For one measly chapter. Seeing that my intended number of scenes to be eighteen chapters, that makes it 360k words. I seriously don't have time for this.

So I apologize for wasting your time here reading about a story that's supposed to come out god knows when.

Thanks too, I suppose.

Browse around, see my list of "Favorite" stories. The HPDG stories are only the best that I found. The least I could do since you took the pain to visit my profile.


I shall mention fanfictions by other authors here from whom I've taken concepts of plot or whatever else I may have taken a liking to. This is a space for open acknowledgements.



Quote of the Years: "With great power... Comes great need to take a nap." - The Ghost King


Username(s): blinkingharder. I've changed usernames several times now, with varying degrees of maturity.

Profile Picture: Linkin Park's Living Things Album's modified cover. I found this online and do not claim to know of its origins. Probably from DeviantArt, though.

Gender: Male. It matters to some, apparently.

Favourite Pairings: HPDG, Nico/Sadie, Percy/Artemis, Percy/Zöe

Favourite Plots: Betrayal Stories or Chaos Stories for Percy Jackson, Intelligent Harry Potter Stories, Time travel or "Second Chance" or rebirth stories for Harry Potter. Essentially redoing stuff or getting back at traitors.


If it isn't clear by now, I adore commas, and revenge.


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