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Wow it's been quite awhile since I bothered to actually log in and check stuff out. Been here for almost 8yrs now as a reader (rough estimate).

I'm a really really picky reader so if something managed to make it into my favourites or followed there's a reason for it.

I wish that any story left alone longer than two years could at least be given an author's note saying if its hiatus or discontinued or marked as complete. Found a story in my follows that I have been waiting 7 years to update. I finally gave up on it.


Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth/Cloud, Sephiroth/Genesis, and a few other Cloud pairings. OT5 is the generals with Cloud and Zach. I enjoy most Reno pairings and most Vincent pairings.

Kingdom Hearts- LOVE riku/sora. zemyx (zexion/demyx), axel/roxas. There are multiple other pairings I read but these are the top.

Harry Potter- Pretty much Harry/anyone. harry/sirius, harry/remus, remus/sirius, severus/harry, lucius/harry, and Tom R.Jr (voldemort)/harry. *note: I recommend checking out the weasley twins and harry. They have good fics and need more.*

Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice

Alice in Wonderland 2010

KHR as well as Hetalia

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings have some good stories going on.


Harry Potter/pretty much everything

and am discovering more but crossovers aren't quite my jam.

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