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Planned Works:

At least 7 Harry Potter/Merlin continuity stories. One for each book.

Hey friends, the chapters are finished and been posted, you tell me what you Think!

Harry Potter and the Immortal's Return Next Chapter Progress:

Prologue Words: 4044

Chapter 1: Camelot falls. Words: 5611

Chapter 2: Diagon Alley Words: 5051

Chapter 3: In King's Cross Words: 4932

Chapter 4: The things We leave behind. Words: 5010

Chapter 5: In the Hogwarts Express. Words: 4982

Chapter 6: Arrival at Hogwarts. Words: 5910

Chapter 7: The Sorting. Words: 5080

Chapter 8: The Feast Begins Words 5345

Chapter 9: Scheming at ungodly Hours: Words: 6999

Chapter 10: Ashes and Dust: Words: 5200

Total Words: 60902 (Aprx)

Last Update: 22/November/2019

I write erratically. This is my progress in the story.

Some have deemed the 680s chapters unnecessary and distracting. To them I say buckle up. The story is that of Merlin and Morgana and their coming struggle. Things that now seem completely irrelevant may have an enormous impact, a butterfly effect...The highlighted era is the next part of the timeline to be explored. The one merely underscored is the foreseeable next after that.

Next HP Chapter Progress: 33

Next Marauders Era Chapter Progress: 43%

Next Founders Era Chapter Progress: 5%

Next Camelot Time Chapter: 0%

Next Miscellaneous Chapter: 28%

Last Progress Update: 22/November/2019

The chapters foreseen lenght is to be of 4900-5000 words. All of them. This is a promise

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