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One by One The Souls Will Take You Over
Summary: AU -mainly focusing on Rogue and Gambit, set after the end of the second season. Rogue never joined the x-men, in fact she never has meet them, instead she joins the Acolytes. romyness eventually. Note: rogue has a different past in this story. It will be explained as the story continues.

Status: 2/3/09 -- Surprisingly I am actually working on this. I have most of Chapters 21 and 22 written out, I just need to go back and iron out a few kinks. Hopefully they will be up in a week or two.

Status: 3/13/2013 -- I took a long hiatus from this, mainly due to a writer's block and the fact that I drifted away from the X-men genre. Recently I have started to go back and rewrite some of it. I am not guaranteeing anything, but I might start posting again.

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