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I was born a while ago.. Now I'm here. Pretty cool. Joint account of formerly Myseybee and twin Thyrandomninja.

Current fandoms/inspirations:

Percy Jackson - in particular, the Hunters of Artemis. (If you have a HoA fic I haven't yet found, send me the link in a PM. I need more to read!) Frozen - Elsa is a babe. You can expect Elsa fics from me before you're too much older.

Current stories in the works:

"Let The Hunt Begin" - The Hunt has increasingly low numbers, and Artemis decides it's time to bring it back to its former glory. A multichapter about the Hunt finding more members. A nice plot twist at the end, for those of you who like that sort of thing :P "Damsel in Distress, Doctor!" - AU where the Doctor did take little seven year old Amelia with him. Problem is, he isn't good with kids. You know what? I think a babysitter would be good. Now where to find one of those? "Clueless Silence" - Sherlock and John's niece shut in one house? That can only end well. Will be a Multichap, but currently low on the priorities list. Jelsa - I'm working on a Jelsa one-shot that combines both universes. When Pitch and Jack are having their little tiff in the Arctic, they are suddenly interrupted by a spiralling ice tower appearing from nowhere... Includes Pitch making rude hand gestures at Jack, and Jack falling face-first onto a balcony. Frozen - Only a bunny at the moment. AU where Elsa doesn't break free of her prison, and Hans takes her up to be executed. (Kristoff has a little bit of help in getting to Anna, and she does a different "Act of True Love") May (Will) feature a guest from another fandom :P "Newbies" - A novel-length Percy Jackson Universe fanfic. Being co-written with thyrandomninja, who is an absolute babe (Aka the male version of me - the unbiological twin!). Prologue and first chapter should be up relatively soon. Set between LO and LH, and will feature two OCs, one "mentioned once" canon character, and a cutesy son of Aphrodite. Lots of humour and sass in store! PJO plot bunny - A small plane crashes into CHB's strawberry fields. This would be okay in a normal situation, except for the fact that the pilot was a famous actor, and the police and media start to converge on the area. When they can't find Mr Whatsisface, suspicions grow. Pilot wakes up in the infirmary, and has quite a lot of questions for the teenagers standing round him... PJO/HG Crossover - Katniss is Leo's Mum. Still only a possibility.

Fandoms (In no particular order):

Harry Potter Doctor Who Sherlock Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Frozen Starkid Kane Chronicles (Just started.) Divergent Avengers Mentalist CHERUB
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