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So, it is I, BaconBaka! I been writing since... Well, truly got my start in 2012, and... Well, aside of the many reboots for reasons, I sincerely hope to keep on having a good time.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Total Drama Dictionary, Total Drama Tween Throwdown, Total Drama: School Scuffle!

Name: Not telling!

Pokemon Type: Normal/Ice

Skills: Writing, Drawing, gaming…

Alignment: Neutral Good

Fave Cartoons: I'm kinda a huge fan of animation, let's leave it at that. We be here all day if I talked toons.

I'm also part of a TD RP group. Check it out! - https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Total-Drama-RP-Universe/191901/

The BaconVerse

Total Drama Dictionary: Following in the heels of Letterz, comes Total Drama Dictionary! Set on an abandoned amusement park brought by Chris, 24 teenagers and 2 tweens set out for their most insane summer yet! If you want general insanity in your TD, then this fic is just right for you! Grey/White in tone.

Total Drama Tween Throwdown: Also in the veins of any Tween series found on here, several tweens hit the lot for a chance to win a Million dollars! But there's a bunch of secrets hidden beneath the surface... More Grey.

Total Drama: School Scuffle: A more mostly down-to-earth Total Drama story, four teams, consisting of five contestants each, prove what clique is the most supreme. Purely Grey-Grey.

As for future stories? Who knows?

If you believe in God and are not afraid to admit it then copy and paste this into your profile.

Anyways... Enjoy your stay! :)

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