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Hi I'm Dreamingdreams,

I really love fanfic, one of these days I hope to write one, once I get my courage up to do one. Until then I will settle for reading the wonderful fanfics that other have written on here.

My favorite fanfics I am reading at the moment are from Tin Man. I so think they should have done more with it!

My favorite pairings are these:

Tin Man:

DG & Cain

Az & Glitch/Ambrose, Az & Gulch (Gulch Verse By animegus farmus) Az & Zero (BookWorm37 crossover)

Glitch & Raven(Oc from friendlyquark's series)

Secret of Moonacre/Little White Horse:

Maria Merryweather & Robin de Noir

Sir Benjamin & Loveday

Sailor Moon:

Usagi & Mamoru

Ami & Zoicite

Rei & Jedeite

Makoto & Nephrite

Minako & Kunzite


Lina & Gourry, Lina & Zelgadiss

Inu Yasha:

Kagome & Inuyasha

Sango & Miroku

Once Upon a Time:

1)Emma & Graham/Huntsman (all time favorite pairing. Wish they would bring him back!)

2)Emma & Jefferson/Mad Hatter or Emma & Killian Jones/Captain Hook (They have been slowly growing on me...maybe I just like the Irish accent too. Him and Graham both being Irish. :3 That might have some effect on my opinion...)

3)Emma & Gold/Rumpelstiltskin

Mary Margaret /Snow White & David/Prince Charming/James..er..David (still love him trying to explain that to Grumpy about his whole real name thing. :3 Too funny!)

Belle & Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (But not her Lacey persona... all I got to say is if her and Gold ever share True Love's Kiss she is not gonna be too happy about how she acted much less how Gold acted either during that time.)

Ruby/Red & Archie/Jiminy

Hmm that is all I can think of at the moment. Will update more later as I think of it

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