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Okay. Let's get one thing straight. I made this Google-Linked account a long time ago (when I was obsessed with something, make a wild guess on what it was...) and that probably explains my pen-name/account username. But after awhile, when I've reviewed stories, sent Private Messages, my suggestions are credited on stories with my username, my name got out there. And, well I'm too lazy to change it to something normal. What can I say, I'm a 'murican! (Was that going too far?)

Now for your Feature Presentation: (Brought to you by 21st Century Text!)
*Cue Trumpet Fanfare And Random Sign With Spotlights*

So, I'm an eager reviewer of (almost) every story I read, please do not be afraid to act awkward and ask for help on any suggestions for any new chapters from a complete stranger. I CANNOT think of one person who likes it when the author leaves the story at a cliff hanger and doesn't update within the month or two. Nor should you be afraid to ask me to review the stories that you have written. May be interested in beta reading, but won't make any promises. Hates abandoned stories as much as the next guy, (usually reminds the author with a fairly sized review and/or a PM...) and as for the stories I read, I almost always ask for the next chapter (sometimes even on one-shots, but that's only if I see true potential in them). I'm just another loyal fan whose quench for more chapters can never be...uh...quenched.

GUIDELINES: These are simple rules that I follow, so if you see one that may interfere with your request, then I am afraid I cannot fulfill it.

-1. I do not read "M" rated Fanfics. I just don't. I am not that kind of guy, so please do not ask me to review or read any of those. I just don't like that kind of stuff, because you never know what you could find in one...

-2. I also do not read heavy angst or sad death/heavy emotional. Fanfics. I am weak, and I'm not afraid to admit it, so I tend to stay away from them. If I do read one (usually by accident, when I am to lazy to check the genre) this will occasionally lead me to flame the author, even though he did nothing wrong. Said flaming tends to be quite creative, so I stay away from them

3. I do not give you half the story, or even a paragraph of one if you ask for help. I simply give you lots ideas to bounce off of, and probably will give you an outline of any future chapters. Most of the time I just give a summary of the next chapter (basically what it we be like if you were take my idea).

Side note: I don't specialize in any specific type of genre, but I am not very good a romance novels, so don't expect perfection there...

I know one day someone will PM me with a 47 chapter long, 750,000 word story about some book or movie that I have never read/watched, and I will be totally screwed. In that case, I will give you some basic, non-specific plot ideas that you could probably do based on what I learn from reviews, chapter titles, and/or other means of summary. Can't be much help on that, sorry, but I'm not able to solve every writers block...

I have never completed one Harry Potter Book, or even one HP fanfic. I have watched only 2 of the movies. So that is one of the books that I can't accept submissions from. Not "I don't want to accept submissions" but "Cannot accept submissions" So, yeah... Strange as it is, the by far largest Fanfic topic, and I can't do anything with it. LOL Sorry.

Well. That's my profile/advirtisment, so just one last detail and we can all go on with our merry little lives :)

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