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Information about me:

Name: Kiara

Birthday: January 13th

Age: 15

So far I've only written for Total Drama and Teen Titans but, that could always change.

I joined just about 2 years ago

I live in the United States. California

Feel free to private message me about anything!

I really wish this site used emojis.

Currently interested in writing for the Steven Universe, Teen Titans, Phineas and Ferb, and Teen Wolf categories. Dm if you have any pairing request!

I have 2 Original Characters that I use which are:

Deylanie Jane Valencia (alternate stereotypes- The Hot Party Rebel or The Flirtatious Free Spirit)


Damian James Valencia (alternate stereotype- The Overprotective Weakling)

Favorite and Least Favorite Characters/Parings-

Total Drama/Ridonculous Race- ( I will post reasons later )

Favorite Characters: Sierra, Cody, Noah, Izzy, Lindsay, Trent, Jasmine, Mike, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Dave, Geoff, Crimson, Ennui, Dave, Leshawna, Jen, Tom, Jay, Mickey, Scott, Brody, Jacques, Devin, Kitty, Carrie, and Anne Maria.

Least Favorite Characters: Gwen, Owen, Beth, Ezekiel, DJ, Justin, Alejandro, B, Staci, Dawn (occasionally), Beardo, Zoey, Emma, Sky, Leonard, Max, and Sugar.

Pairings- (reasons included)

Sierra/Cody- This "couple" was honestly so entertaining to watch grow. Even if they are friends (more than so in Sierra's mind) Their again,"relationship" while not exactly understandable was kind of relatable. Cody was to Gwen as Sierra was to him, and honestly I would've loved the Gwen/Cody pairing all the same if not for my undying hatred for Gwen's character. I thought it was extremely convenient that the producers wrote in the shows number one underdog a super fan to praise and admire him.

Devin/Carrie- The classic "they're my best friend and I'm in love with them but, I don't wanna ruin our friendship" is probably the cutest couple plot to me. Goals tbh.

Owen/Izzy- I hate this pairing with a passion. Their relationship was so irrelevant and basically just used as a running gag and it didn't make ANY sense.

Emma/Noah- I'm torn on this pairing. I love them because it finally gives Noah an experience with the character he should've been with from the beginning but, Emma is literally just a Courtney-Knockoff. The producers had already bombed her character in season 3 and 5 so I feel like this was just a second effort.

Mcarthur/Brody- If there's a few words that comes to mind when I think of this pairing it's:Hilarious, Hysterical, Funny, Entertaining.

Noah/Izzy- My favorite super crack pairing. I imagine so many fanfics to write for this pairing (that I'll probably start and then half way finish only to come back to another year later).

Duncan/Gwen- By far the worst thing total drama writers ever did. This relationship is so horribly out of control and they happened to make Gwen look like a horrible person in the process. What do they even have in common besides looking related and wearing black? I may not like her but, last I checked Gwen's got a conscious and morals, enough so to not be into bullies. I like Duncan's character I really do but, the decision to cheat on Courtney with, Gwen of ALL people made absolutely no sense. Gwen didn't even like him first season so where did this so called love come from in the first place.

Duncan/Courtney- This relationship was either going to be doomed from the start, or could've went the distance. We all know how it ended but honestly the complete change of Courtney's character in season 3 was what really killed them. I think they would've lasted pretty long if Duncan had finally convinced Courtney to chill out, and Courtney to convince Duncan to care about something or someone other than himself.

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