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Frostbreaker PM
Joined Jun '12

Name: Drew; Frost or Frostbreaker (if you must)

Age: Irrelevant

Gender: Both...neither.

Current Projects: "The Demon's Angel", "Shadows of Dusk", "Molded to Love", "Between Heaven and Hell", "Morning Star", and "Rise of the Elements" - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; "The Mind's Eye" - Pokemon; "Old World, New World" - Digimon; "The Curse of Blood" - Metroid

The only thing anyone needs to know about us at a glance is that we appreciate enthusiastic readers and honest criticism. Good or bad, if you find something about our work that catches your eye, we want to know about it. We have many more story ideas on the way, so you can expect to hear from us for a long time to come, if not forever.

After all, immortality is garnered from our deeds and the legacy we leave, not our mortality - or lack thereof.

There are those that think and those that do. To enact progressive change, both must work as one for a better tomorrow.

Without Harmony, all is lost.

-Proverbs of the Ancients, Vol. II

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