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Hey there everybody! D-nasty is here and ready to get his creativity on! So Let's do this!

I'm 30 years old now! Jesus, I'm getting older!


Favorite shows: Digimon, Pokémon, Naruto, Bakugan, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Teen Titans & Go!, Dragonball Z & GT, Yugioh Zexal, Kaijudo, Transformers Prime, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, Get Ed, Young Justice, and The Spectacular Spider-Man & Ultimate Spider-Man.

Favorite Digimon Couples:

Davis and Kari (This couple is #1 and they belong together)

Tai and Sora (This couples has a lot in common)

Takato and Rika (There awesome together also there kinda the opposite and they attract)

Takuya and Zoe (They get along and are great together. Nough said)

Marcus and Yoshi (Despite how they couldn't stand each other in the beginning, they make a great team. Plus the couple's bangin)

Mikey, Angie, and Nene (One for being childhood friends and being there for the other, the other cause it seems they would do anything for the other to be safe)

Veemon and Gatomon (They look good together)

Agumon and Biyomon (Its common if there partners are together)

Guilmon and Renamon (Same thing)

Agumon, Lalamon, and Rhythm (One keeps the other from doing stupid things sometimes and the other said he loved them after the evil was gone)

Shoutmon and Lunamon (This couple is just adorable)

Izzy and Mimi (A genius and model or so to speak)

Matt and Jun (I like the couple there cool)

Ken and Yolei (These two were made for one another)

Henry and Jeri (They look alright to me)

Terriermon and Lopmon (They're just cute)

Digimon Couples I ABSOLUTELY HATE!!:

TK and Kari (This couple stinks and is absolutely disgusting hoe people say there "destined" together BLECH!!)

Matt and Sora (I really don't see them as a couple)

Ryo and Rika (Just because there the king and queen of the card games that don't mean they should date)

Patamon and Gatomon (This couple is just as bad and nasty as there partners YUCK!!)

Gabumon and Biyomon (Same with there partners)

Renamon and Impmon (Some people say they look good, but I disagree)

Zoe and any other guy (The reason being; Anyone else with Zoe other than Takuya is just EEWW!!)

Thomas and Yoshi (I just hate that couple. It's DISGUTSING!!!)

Christopher and Nene (I just don't like that couple)

Favorite Pokemon Couples:

Ash and Dawn (Hello they have so much in common and they just click)

Pikachu and Buneary (They're just adorable plus they go pretty well together)

Paul and Zoey (Rival's of the main character plus I kinda see something in them)

Brock and Lucy or Brock and Holly (Both have shown interest in him so kinda hard to decide which is best)

Tracey and Misty (They just look good)

Pokemon Couples I HATE:

Paul and Dawn (Now that one is just nasty and disgusting plus they have nothing in common people SHEESH!!)

Kenny and Dawn (Do I even need to say it? Ok I will Ash treats Dawn way better than Kenny EVER could POINT BLANK!!)

Other Favorite Couples:

Naruto and Hinata or Naruto Harem (The couple is # 1 in my book. Plus cause one has always been nice to the other all their lives unlike others. Also to me the guy needs as much love as possible)

Natsu Harem (I've read some stories and I gotta say, I was hooked up on them, the dragon slayer's the heart of Fairy Tail bringing everyone joy. So yeah I'm hooked up, might even do one myself)

Ichigo and Rukia (They may argue all the time but that shows how much they care about each other. And also they have each others back and complete one another)

Other Couples: I HATE:

Sasuke with Anyone (I'll just say it right now. I hate Sasuke, and I mean FULL BLOWN HATE HIM!!! To me the bastard doesn't deserve anyone at all. Not even Sakura! Or Karin for that matter! The only good Sasuke is a dead one! Or a female one to be honest!)

Kiba and Hinata (This couple is gross and disgusting, AND I HATE IT SO MUCH I WANT TO SCREAM!! AAAAAAAAAUGH!!)

Renji and Rukia (Brother and sister thing here, so gross)

Not very fond of Yaoi or Yuri:

Reason being is cause I dont swing that way I dont have a problem with it I just dont like to read it. I mean I can stand it somewhat but not really.

My Thoughts on Sakura Haruno:

I'll be honest with ya, half of the time I hate Sakura cause how she use to treat Naruto and playing with his heart and feelings for her and for being a pathetic fangirl, and the other half I like her cause later in life she saw the error of her ways and became a strong ninja for it. Plus I really pity her. Cause she marries a awful person like Sasuke who always treated her like shit her whole life, even tried to kill her at one point and the girl still forgave him(Which I don't approve of for all the things he's done)

Plus the scumbag isn't even there for his family! I mean come on! What father would you know to claim and love his family, yet decides to travel the world most of your child's life not watching them grow up to nurture to a strong adult, not to mention leaving your wife alone all that time to raise the child herself and not at least send her a letter to show your love for her?!!

Sorry for the rant. I just really hate Sasuke and don't think he deserves anyone. Not Sakura. Not Karin. No one. To me the only good Sasuke is a dead one or a female one. That's how I feel about the whole thing. And frankly Sakura deserves better than him.

My Stories:

It has come to my attention that some if not most of my readers assume when I post a new story I don't update it immediately or the rest of my stories, and for that I apologize. It's just lately I be finding it hard to work on my stories considering I'm getting more hours at my job and be real busy, leading me to get my butt whooped and leave me too tired to work on my stories.

Not to mention being with my family and making sure they come out ok through this stupid pandemic we're having. But I'd like to say I do plan to update my stories more frequently and not leave my readers wanting more or waiting forever for an update. Cause honestly I'm like that too with the stories I read, so I understand on getting tired of waiting.

I'll try to work harder so you guys can enjoy my stories and not have a low opinion about me. For those who are waiting patiently for me, thank you. And others who are getting a little antsy, I'm sorry I keep you waiting for what's like forever and I'll try to do and be better.

I hope this has cleared things up and if not, then I'll let my stories do the talking for me for those who are still with me.

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