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My name is Reannah and I'm 16 :)

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@Cmgeek101 :)

(PM me if you wanna know about my other fan accounts :D)

I am a HUGE fan of
And pretty much any other crime show that captures my attention.

My favorite FF Shippers!

CM - My OTP is Emily/Hotch (Hotchniss)
I also like Emily/Spencer/Morgan Friendship stories. Team fanfics are also cool XD
Castle - Castle/Beckett (Caskett)
Bones - Brennan/Booth, Brennan/Zach, Brennan/Vincent, Brennan/Wendall

I also Love CM FF Stories with Emily/Henry/JJ, Emily/Declan (Family Fics)

I hope to write my own Hotchniss fics one day soon cos I've had all these ideas in my head but it's the writing part I've got trouble with. I want them to be in character and I don't want them to be too OC and I'm afraid it'd be bad. But one day I'll write one down and actually post it and hopefully I'd get some review, good or bad. Either is good because it also tells me what I'd need to work on etc.

Favorite Castle quotes: (Reposted)

Castle: If he is a vampire and you pull that out, he comes back to life.
Lanie: If he does than we can all go home early.

Montgomery: Thank you for your offer. However, my detectives will conduct their investigation in any manner they see fit.
Blake Wellesley: Captain, I can get the Commissioner on the phone in under a minute.
Montgomery: Well, tell him I said hi… and I really could use a raise.

Beckett: When I’m not here do you guys braid each others hair and debate who’s the coolest Jonas Brother?
Esposito: No, but is totally Nick.
Ryan: Absolutely Nick.

Beckett: Either you are being a good cop or you just wanna go to the museum?
Castle: They have dinosaurs there.

Castle: How do you know when you’re in love?
Beckett: All the songs make sense.

Martha: But, the question is this, when you come right down to it…would you be willing to break her out of prison? Because that my boy is true love.

Capt. Montgomery: Feds say he’s a white male 25 to 45 years old.
Castle:(whispers to Beckett) It could be me.
Capt. Montgomery: With a dysfunctional relationship with his mother.
Castle: (whispering to Beckett) Still me.
Capt. Montgomery: He has a menial unimportant job.
Beckett: Definitely you.
Castle: Just for that I'm basing my next book on Esposito.

Martha: Doing the crossword in pen? Feeling cocky today, are we?
Castle: What is life without challenges?

Beckett: (about Natalie) She took my coffee, Castle.
Castle: It’s just coffee.
Beckett: (panicked) Then what’s next, my soul? Everything I do, she does. Even when I’m thinking, I can feel her in my head, like some kind of a brain-eating parasite from one of her movies.

Beckett: Alakazam, Jackass!

Castle: (About Alex) After everything I’ve done for him, he goes and tries to steal my muse.
Alexis: Muse thievery. What’s the punishment for that, five to ten in mythology jail?

Beckett: Listen to me, jackass. I do not control traffic, so you’re gonna have to give me 20 minutes.
Trapper John: Now you got one minute, Kate.
Beckett: No. I've got 20. Do you hear me? 20. Because if you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.
Trapper John: Okay, Kate. You got 20 more minutes.
Peterson: Well, that’s one way to negotiate.

Esposito: I don’t get it this is a little old retired librarian. What could possibly be in her safe deposit box that would be worth doing all this.
Ryan: Nazi gold, cold fusion, map to Atlantis.
Esposito: Hey, Castle Jr., could you maybe start thinking like a cop, please?

Beckett: What are you doing?
Castle: Just waiting for my partner. Maybe you’ve seen her. Pretty girl, thinks she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, yet…still manages to laugh at some of my jokes.
Beckett: She sounds like a handful.
Castle: Tell me about it. Anyway…if you do see her, tell her she owes me about a hundred coffees.

Castle: If you found out a man was cheating on you, how would you kill him?
Martha: Knife… to the heart.
Castle: All right. What if you don’t have the stomach for that?
Alexis: Shoot him.
Castle: But you don’t have the stomach for that either.
Martha: What’s wrong with our stomachs?
Alexis: There’s always poison.
Martha: True. Watch him writhe and suffer.
Alexis: Die like the rodent he is.
Castle: Wow. All these years writing about murderers, I had no idea I was living among them.

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