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Hanarete Iku PM
Joined Jun '12

I am_ years old.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish, and am currently trying my hand at Japanese while dabbling a little with Korean.

My birthday is August 24th.

I consider myself a geek.

I play flute in band. That's how I met my insane friends how introduces me to this wonderful world on insanity.

I am probably going insane.

My current favorite song: Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

Onto the serious opinion-ey stuff--

I say all people are equal, why must some discriminated or hate because of looks, background, or who they love?

I say you should be treated the way you treat others, not who you love.

My all time favorite poem is called 'Gay' spoken word by Bribryontour. My favorite quote from there being: "And if you say that's not what God wants, your God doesn't know what love is."

Any ways. It's my opinion people hold their own. I would agree with homophobes preaching that "The Bible's against it. God's against it. And Gays are gonna go to hell." but hey then we would both be wrong.

I know not many people read my profile and I'm cool with that. But if you do read and agree that 'Gay Rights are Equal Rights' then post is on yours who knows who'll see. But it may change peoples thoughts on it. Even if only a little.

I don't care who you are, where you came from, your past, or your sexuality; all I know is that if two people are happy together then why would you go so far to stop them from telling the world they are married and in love?

I doubt you will answer this question but here it is: If gay marriage becomes illegal, how will you be able to tell children ,for they aren't born homophobic, that all men are created equal but not those people because they are gay. Or that hard working woman who has given her all to her partner and adopted children? Or how is your future child who might be gay feel knowing so many people said that gays were wrong, unequal, and freaks? How would you feel then? Knowing so may people have taken their lives because they were bullied because of their sexual orientation.

If you did read this then thanks, I know you probably found this by mistake, but thanks for sticking around. these are m opinions I will not force them on you, if you became offended please kindly fuck off.

I love youtube.

Some of my favorite youtube-ers are: Bribryontour, Tyler Oakley, Amazing Phil, Danisnotonfire, and well many more.

My favorite colors incclude: Black, White, Blue, Silver, Red

I love manga/anime.

My favorite manga/anime characters are: Sebastian [Black Butler, Hitsugaya Toushiro [BLEACH, Konata [Lucky Sta]r, Ed [FMA, Yuki&Luka[Uraboku, Io& Tsumiki [Acchi Kocchi, Saya & Haji [Blood] , Saya [Blood C, Usui[Maid-sama, & Japan[Hetalia]

My favorite music artist are: Bribry O'Reilly (pardon the spelling), Mi-chan, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Jung, SS501, Super Junior, Alexander Rybak

Just to name some

Some of my fave Mangas/Animes are:

BLEACHSoul EaterFullMetal AlchemistKuroshitsujiUragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo ShitteruLucky StarAcchi KocchiHetaliaKaichou-wa Maid-samaKamiKami KaeshiBloodBlood C

So, umm yeah, if you stuck around here is a waffle. -- (,)/# I would have given you the other one but I ate it. -- (-.-")

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