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xXxMidnightsMelodyxXx PM
Joined Jun '12

Well, I'm xXxMidnightsMelodyxXx.

I have difficulty transferring my thoughts onto paper so I can only write if I get a random burst of inspiration.


YJ Ships: Dick GraysonXEveryone (I'm pretty sure I can ship him with everyone.) Spitfire, Sea Arrow, SuperMartian.

I actually don't mind ships too much. As long as it's good writing I don't mind the ship, or if it has a ship.

Fandoms Include: Young Justice, Attack on Titan, Sherlock, Free!, Teen Titans, and I'll add to this if I remember any other fandoms.

If anyone actually reads this it's probably painfully obvious what a loser I am. So don't feel shy if there's anything you want to ask me because... I can't judge you?..

I'm midnightsmelody on tumblr if you want to talk to me there.

Have a lovely day/ life.

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