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"I walk, talk, eat and sleep on earth, but I live my life in a completely different world."

It took me way too long to find out that you can't add emoticon hearts to your reviews, because it'll take out the arrow part. So if I left a review with random 3's spread throughout it, just know it was supposed to be a heart lol.

I love writing, but I have a really hard time sticking with stories. I don't plan on uploading anymore stories unless I already have several chapters written ahead of time.

Depression, Lies, and Love is on hiatus officially (wow that only took me seven years to say lol). And I'm not promising anything, but I am considering rewriting it, and having more than three chapters. Again, not sure if that'll actual happen, but I just wanted to say that in case anyone happened to wonder about it. For everyone who has left a review, favorited and or followed it: THANK YOU!! I really appreciate it, and if I ever do rewrite it it is because of you!

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