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Hi my names Danny (I know confusing)! I'm a 20 year old junior at OSU. #OSU17 My major is criminology/psychology with a WGSS minor.

I'm minorly obsessed with the Hunger Games series I freaking love it! In fact I've had 3 real life Hunger Games! That's right me and 23 of my friends have fought tooth and nail until only one of us survived. As a matter of fact I have been the victor of one of them! So I have a very good understanding of how people react in those tension moments, not the same as real life and death but still it gets in people's heads!

As a side note I love submitting tribute to SYOT and what not so if you need one let me know and I can come up with something for you, I love District 10 and District 4 but I'm not too picky so feel free to ask!

A little more about me I love Star Wars more than anything! Even life itself! (oops did I just say that...) More so anything generally nerdy peeks my interest or anything relating to music! Even if you just wanna chat feel free to hit me up and say hey.

Tributes and blog URL - http : / / witwhg . blogspot . com (just remove the spaces)

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