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I'm Batmanfan12!

I enjoy reading and writing. Fanfiction is a huge hobby of mine.

I love love love Harry potter and think Colin Creevey's death was sadder than any other character death.

Stories I plan on writing:

*most are untitled and summaries are not set in stone*

Greys Anatomy:

1. Robert Stark returns SGMW, now Grey Sloane, and is surprised by the changes. Most of all in April Kepner, whom he still has feelings for. Unbeknownst to him, she likes him too. This sparkles an idea in Arizona to play matchmaker and force Alex along for the ride.

2. A tragedy brings an overly happy teenager and a shy preteen into the Karev's lives, just a few months after their wedding. Can they handle it?

3. Au sorta but also follows the show more. Brooke Standler had a beautiful baby girl before she became Jo Wilson. What happens when Paul comes to the pit after an accident and she's forced to open her old wounds?

4. Au. Jo Wilson is a firefighter and a pretty darn good one at that. After a particularly nasty one she's forced to be treated at Grey Sloane where she meets Alex Karev and experiences a feeling hotter than fire could ever be.

5. Oneshot. It's the corniest Christmas yet but she wouldn't have it any other way.

6. Oneshot. Jo's sick on a cold, snowy day and Alex takes care of her.

7. Alex is sick and Jo takes care of him. Oneshot

8. Oneshot. Jo knows he can't deal with everyone along, and she won't let him. Warning: crying!Alex

9. I'm not sure how to summarize this one but it's an AU. Alex is the peds attending and keeps yo himself most of the time. Abused as a child, he's the opposite of what he's portrayed as on the show and his best friend is Arizona Robbins, the fetal attending. He doesn't think he'll ever find love until he meets Jo Wilson who messes up his entire world. Warnings: abuse, talk of PTSD and whatever else I come up with. Features Calzona

10. Contains Izzie bashing. Izzie never left or got cancer, she and Alex were happily married, that is, until lately. Something's missing until he meets spitfire Jo Wilson.

11. George returns home, discharged from the army. He tries to wedge his way back in after all the changes that happened and finds friendship in the least likely of places. Better than it sounds!

12. Oneshot. Jo wants attention .

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