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Mehbra! Selm elkum! Kyfaa khoulouk? Snou kadier? Anna Tasneem!

Welcome to my profile hehe:). My name is Tasneem and I'm a 17 year old Arab, Indian girl. I am a high school student that procrastinates way too much and doesn't have a lot of time on her hands.

Just a few stuff you need know about me.

Name: Tasneem.

Nickname: Taz, Tassy, Tazboom, Tas and Tasu( only my family calls me that).

Grade: 11

Age: 17

Religion: Islam

Country: Cape Town, South Africa.

future career: Either a charted accountant, human rights lawyer or a pharmacist. We will see where life takes me.

Favourite colour: Black, red, green and turquoise.

Favourite anime: Naruto, dbz, dbgt, inuYasha, bleach, death note, monsuno, pokemon etc.

Favourite manga: guru guru pon-chan, death note, othello, yamada-kun-no-seven-no-maja, maximum ride, black bird.

Favourite books: The Princess Diaries, Chicken soup for the soul: tough times for teens, model behaviour, The immortals, The Kite Runner, A thousand splendid suns, Papertowns, Fangirl, Bloodline series, Harry Potter series and a lot more.

Favourite series: Saath Saath, Choti Bahu, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Happily divorced, The Flash, Arrow, Jane the virgin,Quantico, NCIS, Blindspot, Agent of Shields, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Chicago Med and 7 de laan. Not mention Muvhango and Isidingo ( SA serial almost like bold and the beautiful and days of our lives).

Any fanfiction coming up: Nothing that I know of. Maybe someday insha'allah ameen.

Do you even write? Obviously I do write (sometimes) mostly drables that I don't publish and a story that I have planned out in my brain but only has 3 chapters written out. My old work is on fictionpress and it is quite depressing. It had loads of mistakes but I am proud of it. If you're interested then my pename is the same as this one.e for the people. I am also on wattpad @ArabPrincess786.

When did you find fanfiction net?At the end of 2011 in November. I only joined in like 2012 but I feel like I am long here.

Favourite couples:

Naruto:itachi x sakura (OTP), sakura x naruto, sakura x sasori, sakura x sasuke, sakura x shikamaru, sakura x ichigo, sakura x gaara. I ship Sakura with everyone!

DBZ: Pan x trunks(OTP), goten x bra.

InuYasha: Sesshomaru x kagome.

Vampire diaries: Klaus x Caroline (OTP)

Smallville: Lex x Chloe, Clark x Chloe.

Jane the virgin: Rafael x Jane.

Flash: Caitlin x Barry, Caitlin x Doctor Wells.

Best friends: Stark, Zaahirah and Jade.


From Allah do we come, from Allah do we go to again.

We don't want to die, we just want to be saved.

If I could speak arabic fluently, I would never shut up.

Shortest love story: she found allah and lived happily ever after.

You said you'll always be there for me? Bullshit

There's a lot of fake people in the world.

Some people go through boyfriends like I go through toilet paper lol.

PM if you wanna chat or anything, I promise I won't bite :) x.

I'm a proud muslimah, copy and paste your name at the end of this list if you proud your a muslim.


Copy and paste if you a proud arab and add your name.


-Tasneem xoxo

04 April 2016

This girl is alive and still lurking around in many fandoms. Did you think that I would really just give up on this site after nearly 5 years? Nope, not going to happen any time soon.I love this site and fictionpress way too much.

Blame my hectic school life for not being on here for awhile and not reviewing etc. I've met amazing people on this site and I still speak to some of them. Such is life hey.

Thank you to this site and many stories that I read for making my depression bearable. This site was my safe haven away from my parents, school and my family. It still is and I'm grateful for everything.

Anyway, it's time to join the real world.

Good luck and hope you guys have a great life. eh, sounds too final.

Until next time xx.


10 April 2017.

I am still lurking in many fandoms as usual. Reading but not reviewing lol. You should blame my laziness.

I have officially given up on Fiction press and that's sad but it has to happen. School keeps me busy and the only things that I write is in my diary and drabbles to M.T.

Free Syria, Free Palestine, Free Yemen. Free the Middle East.

May Allah s.w.t make it easier on everyone that is going through difficulties insha'allah ameen.



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