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Hello my name is Selena.

Im in love with Fairy Tail.

Laxus and Lucy are my favorite out of all the pairings.

They're just so cute together!

About Winx Club I don't watch it anymore, but i will continue trying to write Held Captive with Love.

Hi I'm Joyce.

I love any type of anime, want a story? Just PM me.

I enjoy rated M stories even if Selena doesn't. She always avoids those chapters.

New York is nice. College there is great. FASHION THERE IS AMAZING

3 facts about this account.

1. This account is owned by 2 people.

2. I'm Selena and I'm 14. I write the parts of the story that are not rated M.

3. I'm Joyce and I'm her older sister. I'm 20 and I write the M rated parts

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