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Name: Who care?


Gender: Male (surprise! there're male who like fanfic)

Like: game, anime, manga, cartoon, comic, light novel, novels, music, some sport, movie, ... fanfic.

Hate: Real life setting

Opposite of love: fangirl/fanboy, antifan, generally ignorant fools who think they are the standard of society, they think that what they like is SACRED and what they don't like is garbage. Those people think it's blasphemy that somebody somewhere don't have the some opinion as them. As for why I name this section "not love", it's because I don't hate them, just ignore them altogether.

Notable things about me: I'm a HARDCORE Type-moon fan (not the fanboy/fangirl kind mind you)

Personal favorite quote:

"Only the dead has seen the end of war."-Plato-

"War is organized murder, and nothing else."-Harry Patch-

"I'll fight for my country, but I won't lie for her."-Zora Neale Hurston-

"Because I'm a small man, my heart is moved by what in front of me, not by what the world need."-Allen Walker-

"It's you. I can turn my back on the world, all of it ... as long as you stay with me."-Hellboy-

"Hey, you, on the other side - let her go. Because for her I'll cross over ... and then you'll be sorry."-Hellboy-

"People die when they are killed"-Shirou Emiya-

"Some say the glass is half full, others say it's half empty. I would drink it and say: It's empty."-Me-

"Most people, whenever they read a great book, they imagine themselves as the main character, living out their fantasy. To me, whenever I read a great book, I imagine myself watching from the sideline. Because to me, The world on the other side of the page is real. The characters are real people, with own life and their own story. Only they have the right live it, and it's my role I'll be there to appreciate their struggle, to the very end."-Me-

"If you have time to worry about a happy ending, why not just live happily until that end."-Me-

"My first principle for writing: If they can die, they can die. If they die, they are dead. No exception."-Me-

Thing I've noticed in anime/manga.

  1. No evil overlord have ever read the "Evil Overlord's List".
  2. No hero have ever read the "Hero's List" either.
  3. Every story take place in a world where nobody have ever watch or read any work of fiction whatsoever.
  4. The "bad guy" shot will hit only when the plot allow them to, and even then it will never hit anywhere that would finish off the character right away.
  5. There is a piece of vital information that would clear up the character problem, whether it is a misunderstanding of romance or combat. If the character can just spit it out already, it would save the entire episode, if not an entire season worth of trouble and tears ... so, naturally, they don't
  6. People with tragic past will never shut up about it.
  7. when ever someone talking in the middle of a fight, time stop, the same go for transformation sequence.
  8. Dying is a complicating process in anime and manga if you are part of the main cast, good or evil. The character must have their own back story sufficiently flesh out, flash back before dying, final word with the hero or the villain, must be someone that would leave an impact if they die, must be confirm dead for real by the character own word and must have somebody think about them before or after everything is over. Without any of the above, they won't die for good and will be coming back, one way or another, some time even with all of the above they can still coming back, especially if it's a fan-favorite character.
  9. The less clothes you wear the better protected you are. If the character is female, any body part aside from the torso is more than likely to be invulnerable to all kind damage
  10. The world have have already been destroy millions times over if it wasn't for a bunch of "ordinary everyday high school boys/girls".
  11. All ugly, non-humanoid races almost always hell-bent on destroying humanity, if there one that is NOT ugly in that races, he will either take charge or will become one of the "good guy"
  12. Green, purple, rainbow are perfectly acceptable as natural hair color. In fact, any color is fine, really.
  13. Hair in general have type 4 immortality and can only be damage by the power of comic relieve or dramatic effect.
  14. Stuffs always explode ... for some reason.
  15. The denser you are, the more suitors you will have.
  16. Building are made of lego blocks, anything that have it's appearance resemble a sword will have the same sharpness as a real sword, sometime more.
  17. In order for something to work, you have to shout out its full name, the louder the better.
  18. Slightly change your hairstyle, wearing something on your eye (glasses, mask), get some new clothe and voila, nobody will recognize you.
  19. You can survive almost anything as long as there is no blood.
  20. Power and experience mean nothing in the face of rule of cool.
  21. All angry girl temporarily gain superman power.
  22. The more seemingly unimportant a character remark, the more important it is.
  23. As long as it's cool, it will work, no matter how impractical or impossible it is.
  24. Sword is always the best weapon no matter the situation and can be effectively use in place other type of weapon, sometime they even perform better (and cooler) than the real things, yes that include even shield or an arrow.
  25. Train hard and you can punch skyscraper.
  26. The less someone seem capable of doing something, the better they are at it and vice versa.
  27. If something is specifically stated many time to be impossible, expect that at some point in the story someone will do it.
  28. Power if believe, hope, love, kindness, friendship, cat, loli, rainbow, unicorn ... will triumph over the forces of evil.
  29. The direr the situation is, the higher chance of survival they have, some time with new power as bonus.
  30. Nothing, absolutely nothing is too ridiculous or unbelievable, if you can think about it, it can happen.
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