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Author has written a negligible amount. And surprisingly I get good reviews, for some strange reason.

I live by these rules:

"If you're gonna get a job done, and you're the one who wants it done, do it right."

"I make it my business to know. I might not know anything, and I might not know much, but I make it my business to know."

"It's a point of personal pride. I want to be a good person. A better person than who I am today, at least."

"Everyone I know fascinates me. You, by the fact that you are reading this, probably fascinate me as well."

"F.T.S., let's do this!"

"Here's the thing. I'm a bad person. I don't review. I throw my compliments/complaints at you in a PM."

Xylouris Trigger. Frustratedly tried to write a Persona 3 fanfic, but it didn't work out. (And now I realize that describing Shadows in detail sucks).In case you were wondering, X-Trig is the name I used to play the game through. But Xy-Trig sounds cooler. 16. Extremely weak writer with a long way to go, and nowhere to go to.

Enjoys wallmaku, Holy Grail Wars, monster girls, and nuclear tanks. Feel free to ask about anything else specifically.

Also extremely lazy. Enough to put Carnival Phantasm Saber and Yukari to shame and to have them admonish me to work harder. Not too bad an existence, but just wish I could get it up more often. Now reconsidering the point that this is "not too bad an existence", because I joined the theatre club, we are putting on a play, and I will lose all my time. Probably will start updating slowly.

I have a strange tendency to have all my chapters be about 3000 words long. Seems kind of short for me. Oh, but I just got killed for writing a Mary Sue. Minus one thousand points. Total of -1000.

According to the enneagram test I am creative twice and am emotionally distant, plus being the peacemaker who tries to have everyone get along. Weird personality combination, wouldn't you think?

Oh and the funny thing is I use the same name for almost everything, so just typing in the username you see will find me anywhere but Twitter. For that I don't have.

Even if my fics die, I will continue to use this site. Apparently coming here has bumped up my grades for essays to a group A. So yeah.

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