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Hello once again the very few amount of people that read my stories let alone this biography stuff. I've made up my mind, I was a crap writer back then, hopefully I'm better now, I'm working on a Terraria story and possibly 2 Shadow of the Colossus stories... one will most likely be more noticed by the others because it won't be crossed over with The Land Before Time.

And to those of you who are hoping to get an update for my Starcraft/Spyro stories. I'm very sad to say that it won't be coming anytime soon. upon looking at the story again I found myself blanching at my own writing. I did have a rewrite going but than my laptop that I was writing it on became so... corrupted. That I couldn't even use the start menu without waiting for an hour. The rewrite was going so well too.

I'm a freaking disgrace... there are authors out there who are pumping out chapters that are 10,000 words and they have less reviews than they do Chapters yet they keep on chugging. I'm going to try and be a bit more like them.

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