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Salvete omnes!

The "1 story for Lord of the Rings" is just a poem I wrote back in high school, back when I actually wrote fanfiction. It's decent enough to leave up here, but there are many, many better fanfics to spend your time on.

Which brings me to my favorites list. I highly recommend my favorites list. Granted, since many years -- in some cases, eight years -- have passed since I read some of the stories on there, I can't remember the details of all of them, *but* I'm usually pretty selective about what I favorite. I value excellence in writing, characterization, and adherence to canon (or at least believable departures from it.)

I am also a complete sucker for crossovers. I see a good crossover, and my little fangirl heart starts going pit-a-pat, and before I know it the hands of the clock have slipped to twelve and . . .

Anyway. I figured that since I read a rather large and odd assortment of fandoms, I ought to compile a recommendations list. A list of superb stories written by equally superb authors. A list with italics and bold-faced type! Nothing adds an air of authority to a recommendation like bold-faced type. Behold!

"In the Forests of the Night" by Murinae (Hikaru no Go)

"A little like magic" by Vive La Bagatelle (Les Miserables)

"Just a Face on a Train" by katheryne (Spider-Man)

Also: Any and all "Rurouni Kenshin" stories written by the inestimable Heather Logan.

Happy reading, and may your days be merry and bright!

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