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About Myself and My Writing:

You might have noticed that the majority of fictions I write and post on are almost always one-shots or drabbles. This is for a variety of reasons: 1 - I have absolutely no ability when it comes to plot development. This makes the formation of a multi-chaptered story quite difficult. It is true, however, that I did write a few of these in the past. 2 - I am utterly horrible at motivating myself to continue and finish lengthy works because 3 - My fandom fixations can be random and erratic. Some last for months on end, some for weeks, some for years.

Also, I never seem to be able to WRITE what I love READING. This is because I'm almost always certain I will be terrible at it. Plus, I always find such amazingly talented writers for such pairings already out there creating brilliance. Brilliance I wouldn't want to taint with my mediocrity.

So yeah...I mostly dig slash. Obviously. But every once in a while, I'll indulge in reading some het fic if it has a really strong and palpable love/hate dynamic. I totally get off on the love/hate thing.

I write a lot at , so if you're a fan of Linkin Park (and Linkin Park slash) you should check me out over there. ;)

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